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If posting is light at the end of this week, it’s because I’ll be in Melbourne picking up my new ride: a 1999 9-3 Viggen. The car has been scrutinised by more men that Elle McPherson and finally, the price has been negotiated and agreed. All that remains is for me to jump on a plane on Thursday night, drive it for myself and then hand over a cheque.

Needless to say it’s going to be a long week while I wait for all that to happen.

Thanks to everyone for your words of wisdom, caution and encouragement in previous posts on this topic. I’ve always been after something that’s a little bit different and a little bit special. The Viggen fits this bill perfectly both in it’s authenticity and rarity.


Thanks to Eduard for providing the rest of the AutoNews article on GM mulling over the new Saab crossover. The article, unfortunately, doesn’t say much that’s Saab specific. I’ll be doing a summary on the known factors involving the 9-4x shortly, though it’s possible the crossover they’re talking about in this article is an entirely different vehicle.

The AutoNews article can be read here in comments.


Who wants to take bets on what new Saab model we’ll see at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2006? The contenders:

9-2 replacement concept vehicle – the so-called spiritual successor to the 900
9-4x – smaller SUV than the jurassic 9-6x
Sonett concept – yes please! But not a likely starter IMHO.

I think the 9-4x is the most likely. All I can say is that there better be something new shown in 2006.


In addition to negotiating the purchase of the Viggen this week, I’m pleased to report that I’ve also sold my old 99 Turbo to a Saab Car Club member here in Tasmania. Bill has several other Saabs, including a nice, red 9000 Carlsson. The 99T will sit for a little while as he collects bits and pieces to fix it up a little. Great to see it going to a good home.


It’s hell trying to search Google News for Saab stories here in Australia. Last Saturday saw the running of the “Saab Quality”, an important horserace in the leadup to tomorrow’s Melbourne Cup – the race that stops the nation. You search for Saab and it’s all horses, horses, horses!

At least it’s generating some good publicity amongst the punters.


Now, if I can just find an Australian supplier for the Viggen Rescue Kit…….

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  1. SAAB take note: you have a candidate for “world’s most hardcore SAAB fan” in Australia. You should make Swade an honorary SAAB ambassador or something for his work with this blog. Sort of like how Guy Kawasaki used to be on Apple’s payroll as an official “Apple Evangelist”.

    Swade, you KNOW you’re a true SAABophile if you’re going to have to FLY somewhere to test drive a SAAB. I’m sure SAABs are less common in Oz, but I can’t imagine having to budget-in airfare in my search for a car.

  2. Abbott Racing’s “Viggen Rescue Kit” ( is almost universally regarded as being almost an essential add-on to Viggen models. The knock every auto magazine had on the car was the excessive torque steer. The Rescue Kit almost completely eliminates this problem.

    Why didn’t SAAB do anything themselves to eliminate this problem? Why do Viggen owners have to spend the £545 plus shipping and installation labor costs to upgrade? SAAB should have picked up the bill for this correction to an inherent design flaw, IMHO.

  3. Ah Grip, it’s not just a test drive. The deal’s pretty much done. But I will drive it first just to satisfy myself as to the condition.

    I’ll take the Saab Ambassador tag, though 😉

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