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Owing to the fact that at times, I can be a monumental tight-arse with my money, I don’t have subscription access to the Automotive News website. I can tell you though, that they have a by-line stating:

General Motors is considering a crossover vehicle for its Saab brand. GM would base the vehicle on a Cadillac concept …

This coincides pretty well with a few things that have popped up in the last 2 weeks. Firstly there was the AutoTelegraf article earlier this month that made it pretty obvious that some research had been done into a Saab crossover option:

Saab will get a Crossover. The Swedish design department have worked for some time at this model, in which they have tried to make a car with Saab values from the beginning, so says an employee of the fabric to The car, a cross between a hatchback, combi and an SUV, has been developed the last months,

I also first published rumours of a Caddy/Saab Crossover project, as reported in Sweden, in this post just over a week or so ago.

I just got an email about a Swedish news article spouting about a Cadilac BLS-based crossover vehicle. What? On epsilon? Apparently so. I’m waiting to see if there’s an online source for it, but if so, could that mean good things for a Saab 9-3 Crossover too?

Of course, in that article, it was only a Caddy crossover specifically that was being written up, but the obvious connection was that being built in Trollhattan, and with research already being done (as per the AutoTelegraf article), the potential for a Saab version of this vehicle is quite large.

I’ll have a 9-3x, please.

If anyone (Edusaab?) has access to the AutoNews article I’d love to have a read of it (hint hint).

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  1. Here you have the article…….I don’t understand what the hell they are doing. Its well known that Saab and Cadillac are developing a SUV/Coupe, called the 9-4x and for Cadillac BRX. But now it seems that the project “Is in consideration”, well well…..this is how it works GM, the strategy changes everyday…incredible. Saab it seems a “hooker”, goes with everybody for survive.(with all respect for the hookers, but you know what I would like to say)

    DETROIT– General Motors is considering a crossover vehicle for its Saab brand. GM would base the vehicle on a Cadillac concept and build it on a new, mid-sized crossover architecture.

    GM will not say when it plans to unveil its concept model of a Cadillac crossover. But the company is thinking of designing a “highly differentiated” version of the Cadillac vehicle for Saab, says Robert Lutz, GM’s vice chairman of global product development.

    The company is examining a business case for the Saab crossover, Lutz said at a press event here this week, by weighing GM’s investment against the vehicle’s potential worldwide sales volume.

    GM seeks to boost its U.S. market share in the crossover segment from 14.4 to 20 percent by 2010. The company plans to launch three crossovers in the next 18 months, Lutz says. Buick, GMC and Saturn each will get one of the vehicles.

    GM offers seven crossover vehicles and plans to double that number by 2009. All new crossovers will be compatible with GM’s hybrid technology, Lutz says. GM will offer most crossovers with V-6 engines and a choice of front-wheel or all-wheel drive.

    “We won’t offer a broad menu of engines,” Lutz says. “We’ll offer the engine that is the most optimal for each particular vehicle’s size and weight.”

    If instability in fuel prices persists, Lutz adds, GM will offer more four-cylinder versions of the crossovers.

    The V-6 crossovers will be more fuel-efficient than GM’s current mid-sized SUVs, Ron Pniewski, GM’s vice president of global portfolio planning, said at the press event.

    GM’s mid-sized SUVs get about 15 mpg in city driving and 22 mpg on highways, a company spokesman told Automotive News.

    Lutz says GM will build its crossover lineup on three architectures. The three newest crossovers — the Saturn Outlook, the GMC Acadia and an unnamed Buick — will be built on GM’s Lambda architecture.

    GM defines “architecture” to include a common set of components, performance characteristics, a common manufacturing process, a range of dimensions and connecting points for key component systems

  2. Eduard, thanks for the full article.

    This whole back and forth thing really pisses me off, as I am sure it does most people on this. Develop a damned plan and stick with it, How hard is it to lay out a road-map? GM has some of the smartest people in world working for them, excepting Bob Lutz, of course. Why can’t they plan a future for Saab?

    It doesn’t matter what the future is, just pick something and work with it. Now, personally, I think the best future is one where GM throws a pile of cash at Saab and lets the engineers take over, but that is not realistic ;).

    The point is, that GM needs to, with the input of Saab management, needs to come out with a 5-year plan for Saab. What they are going to introduce, what countries they are going to introduce in, and, most importantly, THEY NEED TO STICK TO THE PLAN!!!

    That doesn’t mean they can’t tweak it, but if GM announce 3 new models over the next 5 years they need to stick with them.

    This article on

    outlines 3 new models, that have been discussed here, a 9-2X replacement, a crossover, and a RWD sportster. This is a fine plan, so just come out and say so instead of being so damned secretive.

    I don’t think any other car manufacturer gets jerked around by its parent company the way Saab and it needs to stop.

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