New SUV spyshots

Hot on the heels of the 9-6x going belly-up there’s been a new Saab SUV spotted in rural Sweden.

I’m scouring all sources, but have yet to find any realiable confirmation that this will be going ahead.

However, if it did, then Saab will be combining the most dominant trends in vehicle design for the last few years: AWD capability and retro styling.

There are some engineering issues to be ironed out. Apparently the vehicle corners like a 5 year old on a pogo stick. The ride is quite comfortable once you get those pesky scooter drivers out from the far corners of the chassis. Torque is no problem, with the SUV rumoured to be able to tug like a 16 year old in a house of ill-repute.

Check it out, people…….



This pic appears at the Swedish site, Saab 99 Klubben, where there’s a whole bunch of beautiful (and some wacky) Saab 99’s to be seen.

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  1. That’s just wrong. In more ways than one.

    It’s not a 99x, meaning it has to be a RWD Saab, or a FWD Pickup — both of which are wrong of course 😉

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