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There’s more news coming out about the Delphi bankruptcy.

First, they’ve been replaced on the S&P 500 by a dental/vetinary company (thanks Autoprophet). Quite a filling (ba-dum tch!).

Robert Farago at The Truth About Cars is drinking chalice upon chalice of blood in his GM Deathwatch column, forecasting doom, gloom and pestilence – a situation that seems to satisfy him no end.


In more upbeat news, the Saab 9-3 SportCombi has been credited with an assist in helping GM Europe have it’s best year since 1999. Reuters report is here.

Word to GM: Give the people what they want. The 9-3 SportCombi was a step in the right direction. AWD will be another step in the right direction.


In the Tell GM About It campaign, Olav sums up Saab ownership in a nutshell:

I always take the longest way home when I’m out there with my SAAB. It’s true, I just love it!

Click here to have your say about Saab’s current and future cars. All of your comments will be forwarded to Saab and GM on October 25.


Thanks to Ryan in DC for his interpretation of the Saab Vs posters. This one’s called Saab Vs Segway. Click to enlarge and see if it’s you getting booked!!


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  1. Hey! The Saab sales were only down about 1000 units in Europe…I think the saab market will do better this year compared to the last one. And the next year will also be good…Then we DO need a new Saab to hit the market. My hope is the 9-3x, I dream of it…and it’s time for me to start woundering if I should buy me a new saab…
    If there is a new, real saab out there. I might just have another reason to put myself near the bankruptcy to get my hands on one!

  2. Swade-checked Farago’s GM Deathwatch bits and find them mostly right-on. What’s scary is that
    Saab is about the only brand not listed in the reviews. And that would be the sad Truth About Cars…what gives?

  3. I like Farago’s writing but get put off by his constant pessimism. I’m not head over heels in love with GM, basically I see them as Saab’s bankroll and little else, but he just seems to really get off on watching this thing going down. If they don’t then will his reputation be shot? who knows.

    Like I said though, he’s a heck of a good writer. Saab isn’t even on his radar so don’t be surprised at the lack of attention. He did actually leave a comment here once, on an earlier post, wanting me to get in touch as he had something to ask me. When I did he couldn’t remember what it was.

    I think it was the ‘about the author’ post that I have linked in the top-right corner.

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