Post-lite today

I have a stack of stuff to take care of today. Terrible when ordinary life interrupts your blogging, eh?

I am, however, taking photos of every Saab I see today. Should be an interesting experiment in a small town like Hobart.


Thanks to Robin M in the UK for sending me a link to a fantastic 9-5. It looks like a Swedish Garage site where people can feature their cars. It’s called and the link that Robin sent is to a sensational tuned 9-5 Aero Wagon that’s seen it’s fair share of tweaking, albeit in The Saab Way.

Trued Troll Badge.jpg

How does 440 chunky Nm of torque sound? The owner, who I think has tagged himself as “Trued”, has done some significant work on the car, including a huge Nordic intercooler, exhaust mods, filters, you name it. The car still looks exquisite though and it’s Saab through and through.

Trued 9-5 Wagon.jpg

The interior gets some trimmings too, thanks to Hirsch. Don’t the pedals look fantastic? Check out all the pictures and the writeup, which is mostly in English (some Swedish too) by clicking at this link. You might also want to explore Trued’s other two cars, a 1968 Saab Sonett II and a 1966 96 Monte Carlo. Sensational. It’s fair to say this guy’s a hardcore Saab Nut!

Trued 9-5 Interior.jpg

Click on any of the pictures to enlarge.

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  1. I like the added touch of the “Remove Before Flight” tag on the gearshift. Here I thought I was clever with the SkyMall catalog and airsickness bags in my seat backs!

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