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I just got an email about a Swedish news article spouting about a Cadilac BLS-based crossover vehicle. What? On epsilon? Apparently so. I’m waiting to see if there’s an online source for it, but if so, could that mean good things for a Saab 9-3 Crossover too?

Can you say 9-3x?

Gee, it’d be nice.

UPDATE: the article (in Swedish) is here. In it, Cadillac Europe spokesman Roger Kruft appears to be saying that they’re looking into developing a ‘kombi’ version of the BLS. It’s not definite yet, but they are looking into it.

Thanks to Johan (in Trollhattan, lucky bloke) for the tip.

UPDATE 2: Mats, in comments, has also added that the introduction of the Caddy Combi (Cadombi?) will probably be dependant on the success of the BLS sedan. With all that I’ve heard from Europeans in the past on the frosty reception given to Cadillac, I’d say “don’t hold your breath”.

Why they don’t just cancel this idea and pour the resources straight into the 9-3x escapes me. Cadillac will take years to gain the acceptance of Saab in Europe (and that’s only if it ever does).


My email has been a bit wierd today. Apologies if anyone’s emailed and I haven’t replied, but there’s a good chance I didn’t get it. If so, please feel free to send again as all seems to be better now.


Car shopping news: The Monte Carlo turned out to be a dud. A pity, as the price was right and it’s a beautiful vehicle when all is well. I’m now looking further into the Viggen possibility, but we may be a few thousand dollars away from each other in price.

We’ll see.


This just in from Olav in Norway. It turns out that the new Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, is a Saabisti. Apparently he has a 9-5 and has previously owned a 9-3. Here’s a pic in a 9-5, though I’m not sure if it’s his own one or not.

Norway PM.jpg


Other than that, there’s not much news to be had around here. If you haven’t already (and I can think of a few) the please go share your thoughts at the “Tell GM About It” post. The campaign ends this weekend. It’s your chance to tell GM what you think about Saab’s current and future models.

I can’t promise they’ll read it and take any notice, but I can promise I’ll print it and send it!!

Click here to Tell GM About It.


Days banned from Saabnet: 81

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  1. Here’s a link to the local Trollhattan paper on the Caddie Combi article…


    What the article says is that there may be a combi version of the BLS about a year after that the sedan is launched. Partially depending on the success of the BLS…. however no decision is made at the moment.

    – thanks Mats. While you were commenting I was busy running it throgh a dodgy internet translator, but I actually got a similar result, albeit backwards and jumbled up! – SW

  2. Let me get this logic: there might be a SAAB crossover based on the 9-3 because the BLS is considering a combi version? That doesn’t make sense. If the BLS is basically a regular 9-3, wouldn’t a combi BLS simply be a modified 9-3 SportCombi? Maybe Cadillac is seeing the success of the SportCombi and is thinking they want a piece of that action. I hardly see how this might mean there might be a “crossover” (9-3X or otherwise) in the future.

  3. No the article is about a possible BLS Wagon, but Cadillac Europe spokesman Roger Kruft is also saying that they are looking into a BLS crossover this is the good news for Saab, hopefully…

  4. Does anyone else see GM sucking the blood out of the Saab turnip and reincarnating Cadillac(known the world over for conspicuous consumption FUmobiles)as their new upscale global brand? Where’s my vomit bucket?

  5. One PM who is a Saab fan would be a ‘Saabista’.
    (And while we’re at it, one Italian sandwich is a ‘panino’.)

  6. Don: My thoughts exactly, the BLS will compete with the 9-3ss no matter what they say and a Cadillac combi would compete with the 9-3sc.
    The good thing is though that almost no-one in Europe will ever buy the BLS cause no-one wants to be seen in a Cadillac….

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