Saab 9-5 Unleashed

All kudos to JW Lanky at SaabCentral for unearthing the new Saab 9-5 Ad. It’s been created by Lowe Brindfors in Sweden and features the car as an addition to the wildlife to be seen in Sweden’s forests. A great campaign IMHO. Talk about setting a controversial-looking car off on the right foot!!

Click the following ad to enlarge. There’s full size versions of this and several other images at the Lowe website. There’s also Quicktime and MPEG film ads available here. Woohoo!!

saabunleashed-img3 1020.jpg

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  1. Finally the ad I’ve thought about for years…or at least something similar to it becomes reality.
    My idea is more like a TV comercial, imagine a curvy road through a cold swedish winterday, the sun is on it’s way down and you can tell it’s going to be a really cold night. A 9-5 sc comes down the road and suddenly a moose steps into the road alittle infront of the car and the driver hits the brakes, stopping well infront of the moose who continues over the road and into the forest. Speaker voice “There is a good reason to why the Swedes builds the worlds safest cars.” Text :The Saab 9-5 is appointed as Swedens safest car by Folksam Insurance Company.

  2. Can anyone clarify the status of the reappearing “Move Your Mind” tagline? I first saw this on a set of SaabUSA wallpapers a couple years ago, and perhaps in a print ad or two, but then it vanished.

    I see it’s back now. Is GM going to incorporate it into all of its new marketing or is it temporal or used on a country-by-country basis? (I’ve seen it in use over at Saab’s Japan and Swedish sites).

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