Saab Design Competition

I’ve recently wished I could read Swedish so I could make more sense out of the various Svenska bulletin boards out there. Now I find myself wishing I could read Korean as well. Remember those rumours about Saabs being built in Korea some day? Well, it ain’t happening yet, but here’s some proof that our eastern friends are being encouraged to think about the Saab brand.

The Saab Design Competition 2005, as best as I can tell, looks like a competition to design an ad for Saab or a Saab related product. The language and cultural barriers are evident in some of the finalists, but all in all there’s some stuff in there that’s not too bad as a concept.

Here’s what look to be the finalists (the language barrier is a BIG problem for me interpreting the website!!)

OK, so it’s not a 9-5 in the picture, but they’ll figure that out before they start building them, I’m sure…..Despite the error, a fun concept.


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Saab design 1.jpg

Click to enlarge. The next one’s my personal favourite….born of jets indeed!

Saab design 2.jpg

Click to enlarge. The next one appears to be the winner, according to the website. Not according to yours truly.

Saab design 3.jpg

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Saab design 4.jpg

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Saab design 5.jpg

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Saab design 6.jpg

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  1. IMHO, the jacket one is the weakest. I really like the products like the first aid kit, the triangle pylon thingy, and the scale. If they made these products and they were affordable, I’d buy them!

  2. Totally agree about the jacket ad. It’s like an Eastern attempt at being stylish, without regard for the values of the brand. They’ve got some way to go yet….

  3. The first one is my favorite. I like the photograph of the house, the way it’s slightly vignetted on the left side, but I like the concept as well.

    I don’t quite get the first aid kit…is it designed to look like a door handle/airbag or does it come out of the door handle when the airbag is deployed? Translation thing…

    I don’t think the jacket is all that bad. They’re saying you don’t just drive a Saab, you wear it like a fine leather jacket.

    The LED lit pylon is pretty cool. I don’t like the scale, as I suppose I’d always be redlining 😉

  4. Well if you send me the articles via e-mail I can translate them for you or sumerize. I don’t give any promises for the spelling and gramatics.

    Cool pics anyway!

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