More on the “Jets” ad campaign

The “Born from Jets” ad campaign will begin in the US this weekend, with ads showing various models from the Saab lineup driving along with a fighter escort and other things.

I showed one ‘Born from Jets’ ad here yesterday, though interestingly it featured a “Born of Jets” moniker at the end (of as opposed to from). I’m now wondering if that ad was a European ad rather than a US ad, though it was in English and had the car on the right hand side of the road.

David Wishart made an interesting point in comments about the closeness of that ad’s content to the September 11 attacks in New York. Veiwing the ad again (click here to do so), it was a little diconcerting to see all these people with concerned faces looking upwards at the unexpected sound of a jet engine passing close by overhead. Perhaps that’s another reason why this might be a European ad rather than a US release.

Brandweek have some more juice on the new ad campaign:

The effort, via Lowe, NY, backs four new products for model-year 2006, including the 9-3 Sport Combi, a refreshed 9-5 flagship and Aero (Saab’s performance moniker) version of the 9-3, with a V6 turbocharged engine. It also replaces the tagline, “State of Independence” with “Born from Jets.”

The effort breaks Sunday, Oct. 23, with TV, print, Internet and grassroots and promotional elements, with ads making direct reference to aeronautics. A company spokesperson for the GM division said ads will show Saab jets flying along in formation above different Saab cars.

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  1. To be perfectly honest with you…not having been in New York on September 11th, but having since visited ground zero, and then having watched the documentary made by the 2 french brothers…upon viewing the ad, I was also thrown back to September 11th, but thought maybe I was over-reacting and decided to just let it go, but apparently I’m not the only one that had that thought.

    I’m not sure how well these ads will go over in the US, although I think it’s pretty good just the same.

  2. When watching the ad yesterday for the first time the impression I got was that they were Europe-only. I can’t put my finger on it, but just little things like the look of the city, the fact the kids were playing soccer rather than basketball or baseball, the car that drives by the newsstand, the road signs, and the SportCombi has a non-North American shaped license plate and more.

  3. OK. I understand the pain and suffering of all of the people affected by September 11.

    I do not understand how people can instantly relate the sound of an aircraft the that horrible event.

    Not for a second, until I read the comments posted here, did I think of anything other than it being a Saab advertisment.

    While i’m not aiming to be heartless, people seriously need to move on. Yes, it was terrible. Yes, a lot of people died. No, you do not need to freak out every time you hear a plane.

    Saab do not deserve to have their advertising slaughtered by scared Americans who still remain fearful of a 4 year past event. No terrorist attacks have taken place in America since.

    God knows Saab need all the help they can get. The last thing thet need is to lose money on an ad that won’t sell any cars because people can’t get over their fears.

  4. But as Ryan M. mentioned, it made me think of 9/11. Even if he didn’t mention it, I would have arrived at the same conclusion. I can remember the video of people looking up at the load roar of the planes. I don’t think Americans will ever forget this scene.

    I hope they don’t play this in the US.

  5. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a Euro ad. Heck, I’m in Australia and I thought of 9-11 for a fleeting moment. I’m sure if the tested the ad in the US, as they usually do, it’d test negatively overall, esp in the northeast, which is largely regarded as Saab’s area of greatest market penetration.

    Off topic, 9-11 is actually my sister’s birthday, so thankfully I still have something to be happy about to balance the sad memories from that day. I watched the whole thing live on TV. You Americans may not know it, but all TV stations – every one of them – in Australia ran non-stop 9/11 news for 3 or 4 days straight.

  6. I live near an airport. The sound of planes does not instantly make me think of 9/11, in fact the oddest thing about 9/11 for me was the absence of planes in the sky for several days afterwards.

    It wasn’t the sound of a plane that made this ad relate back to 9/11, it was the sound of a plane flying by *combined with people looking up into the sky with concerned looks on their face*

    I think Saab could do a similar ad here, it would just need to be tweaked if it were to get positive reception.

  7. In reply, I’m not personally freaking out by the ad or even jets in general. I don’t even think the ad is in poor taste. I don’t live in fear of being attacked again. But low-flying jet aircraft in urban areas is an unusual occurance (unless you live by an airport) and reminded me of Sept 11. That was just a portion of my criticism of the ad. For me “Born of Jets” simply seems irrelevant given Saab’s 5+ years disassociated with the airplane company from which it began.

  8. Hi!

    As I’m from germany/europe I can confirm that this is an european ad. It’s being aired in tv here the last few weeks. It was started to be aired around the IAA in Frankfurt, seems like a “start” for a new more aggressive ad-politic in germany. As there where no real ads here in TV. Only a small teaser in a show that Saab sponsors (“die Harald Schmidt Show” – a comedy show). So finaly Saab seems to be a bit more agressive and will hopefully continue to do some more ads over here.

    In Germany the ad is a bit “photoshoped”. The car has a german license plate and the text is german. Everything else is as it is.

  9. I thought this was a really cool ad and didn’t think of 9/11. It was pretty clear to me that the sounds were fighter jets and not Boeings or Airbuses. But then I spend a good bit of time near a F-16 airbase so the sound of figher jets doesn’t seem out of the ordinary.

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