Shannons Car Show

There’s 3000 words below as to why I didn’t get to post on the weekend. That was one reason. The other reason was because of the Shannons Classic Car Show held here in Hobart on Sunday, October 16. I took the convertible along (OK, it’s a 2005 model, but it’s an instant classic in my books) to meet up with a handful of other Saabisti in true, old school classics.

There was a lot of fluff in this car show, but a lot of really nice cars that were well presented. Every time I see a show like this I’m amazed at the variety and superb condition of some of the cars we have here. We’re a small island state with only 450,000 people so to get a couple of Ferraris, a Lamborghini, some excellent home grown Holdens and Fords – as well as one of only two Saab 95’s in Australia – is fantastic.

Over the jump is a collection of photos from the day, but let’s start out with Drew’s excellent Saab 95 wagon. Flying the flag! (Make sure you see the last photo – SOTW contender)

Saab 95 Wagon.jpg

Austin Healey 100.jpg
The poms were represented in adequate numbers and ably so by this Austin Healey 100. Click to enlarge.

Austin Healey Sprite.jpg
Another happy Healey!

MG TF.jpg
An MG. It was a perfect day for open-top motoring, as I found out in the 9-3!!

Triumph Stag.jpg
This Triumph Stag was one of the best I’ve seen.

Lotus Esprit.jpg
The owner of this Lotus Esprit is picking up a new, silver 9-3 Convertible today. Probably as I type this. Lucky sod.

Driving goggles optional…..

Lambroghini Uracco.jpg
The Italians were also there in force. I never knew we had a Lamborghini here in Tassie, but here you are. The 2.5 litre V8 Uracco.

A lovely black stallion. There was a yellow one too.

Fiat 124 Sport.jpg
This is more in line with my ‘beer’ budget, however. A very nice Fiat 124 Sports.

Alfa GTV.jpg
A GTV showing off the “cuore sportivo”

Mustang Mach 1.jpg
There was some muscle on display as well. This 1971 Mustang was a shiner among some otherwise dull apples.

Pontiac GTO.jpg
Likewise with this Pontiac GTO.

redneck truck.jpg
To paraphase Jeff Foxworthy, “If you spend thousands of dollars restoring your truck only to slap two naked ladies on the front… might be a redneck.”

Time for a little of the rediculous. This is a Daewoo Lanos. It’s appropriately painted as it truly must be the car from hell. The hatch was open all afternoon with obligatory ‘doof’ music pumping out to listeners in Sydney. 18″ wheels, outside-mounted guages and the airbrushing continued into the interior too. Wanna know the funny part?

It was an automatic!

This otherwise-nice RX-3 also received the ricer treatment on the hood. Pity.

Volvo P1800.jpg
The classiest shape Volvo ever came up with. The P1800.

Torana GTR XU1.jpg
A little Australian muscle. The Torana GTR-XU1.


The day finished with a drive along the Derwent river. Me in the new 9-3 convertible and a couple of old Saab following behind. It was a pleasure to meet Mike and Robert (in the white 96) for the first time and as always, it was a great show and an enjoyable chance to get amongst other enthusiasts and explain to them a little of the Saab ethos.

Old Saabs in mirror.jpg

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  1. Ooops.

    Thanks Ben. I should have known that – I had a mate with one of these, though it was many years ago now.

    If I were going to be a Japanese geek i’d be a Mazda geek too. Got the RX7 bug around age 13. Saw a friend of mine in a new RX8 today actually. Very nice.

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