So little news, so much time

There’s been precious little Saab news to report in the last week.

Back in August I wrote an article here called There But For The Goofiness of ???? Goes Saab. The article was about the fact that Saab were effectively about 5 years behind their competitors. Contrast this with Audi, who accelerated their model development right around the same time that GM beancounters killed Saab’s.

Contrast again: Saab’s slow news week(s) with Audi’s. There’s been the Shooting Brake concept, news of the V6 model A3, news about the A6. News news news. The guy who runs German Car Blog must have smoking servers from all the Autoblog referrals he’s recieving – and that’s just in the last 7 days!!

Not counting the A4 Avant review (which meant 4 seperate days of articles on its own), Autoblog has Audi stories on October 4, 11, 19, 20, 23, 24, 24 (again), 25, 27, 27 (again) and 28. And that’s just on Autoblog. Edmunds, Autoweek and other prominent sites have all had plenty to write about this month too.

I wrote to Saab several times earlier this month seeking answers to interview type questions and got a big fat zero in reply.

Saab: Here’s a tip: humble and small as a blog like Trollhattan may be, bigger services such as Autoblog use little services like Trollhattan as feeders. They’ve used several stories from Trollhattan this year and the interest is always huge. My numbers get way bigger than usual when they link to me. As I usually get around 1,000,000 hits a month, you can imagine what an increase in this number due to an Autoblog link means in terms of extra people reading about the latest Saab news (“conquest readers” if I can use that analogy).

It generates plenty of interest and if you build some momentum it will roll for some time. Again – look at Audi.

Hell, don’t use Trollhattan as a service, but at least get SOME news and interest out there.

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  1. Hi,

    I saw you mentioned us in your blog. Thanks for that!
    Cool site by the way. I will come back.
    Although I must admit that I liked the older Saab models better, before the GM takeover.

    Christian, The German Car Blog

  2. Hey Christian,

    I love your work. I wish i had the access to Saab that you do to Audi. Your numbers must be through the roof the last few weeks.

    Congratulations to you on a great blog and what I’m sure is some great success.

  3. It sure seems that if SAAB understood anything about public relations, they would at least have replied. I once contacted them to see if they had any objections to me posting vintage SAAB brochures on my web site. It left an empty feeling in my stomach when all I got in reply was silence. I still remember, way back in 1962 before I had my first car, I wrote a letter to Chevrolet criticizing something about their car with respect to Ford. Someone at GM actually drafted and personally signed a letter with detailed responses to all of my criticisms. It made me a GM fan thereafter … until now anyway.

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