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First up, here’s a great SOTW shot. My thanks to Robin M in the UK, and especially to his young daughter Azabeth, who took this photo whilst playing around with the digital camera. Sometimes you can take great shots purely by accident that you can never recreate!!


Click on the picture to enlarge.


GM’s sold out its interest in Subaru, it’s got it’s GMAC finance arm on the trading block and now its sold out its truck branch here in Australia to Isuzu.

I still think Saab will stay in GM’s hands for some time due to the upside potential, but it’s certainly interesting watch the company shed its subsidiary interests, kind of like an old man changing clothes (not that I’ve ever sat and watched an old man change his clothes, but you know what I mean)


On the subject of divestitures and acquisitions – I’ve made an offer to purchase my next Saab and it appears the offer has been accepted!! Now all I’ve got to do is get the money people to pull their fingers out and I can go pick it up.

Very excited!!


Automotive News is running a story that I can’t read (as I’m not subscribed) about a dealer’s conference in Vegas last week. At that conference GM announced the names of two new crossover vehicles, with the third vehicle still remaining a mystery. Apparently all the vehicles “wowed” the dealers present.

I know there’s a few Saab dealers out there that read Trollhattan. I read somewhere else last night where a salesman said that his boss had been at the Vegas shindig and that “the 9-4x is looking really strong”.

So, dealers, what can you tell us? Viva Las Spill-da-beanas!!!!

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  1. Sorry mate. You’ll have to keep those suspenders on until I can get the car in my possession. It’s a private sale and it’s in another state AND I have to wait around a week before the money comes through. Consequently, I don’t want to go off half-cocked and write up the whole thing and have it fall through. I’m 99.9% sure it won’t, but you never know when someone might come and snatch it from under your nose, esp when you’re asking the seller to wait a few weeks for his money.

    It’s a good ‘un though, I can assure you!

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