Tell GM: 20 days to go

When I started the “Tell GM About It” campaign I figured it’d be good to be able to send off 100 comments to them. Well, after 10 days, one third of the distance, we’re up to around 40 comments. That’s just sensational, but we’re still on the road, with the destination some distance away.

Here’s a few snippets, some food for thought:

…..I want a simple, smartly-designed, lightweight 3 or 5-door hatchback with build quality equal to the offerings at BMW. Make cars that impresses me with overall balance and design efficiency….

…..Alternative fuels! I want to see the Diesel and E85 engine here in America. Market share can only be gained by this option……

…..Saab has been great as an innovator, and I would like to see more of this. Frankly, I can’t see myself driving anything else but a Saab…..

…..Where is a 2 door SS?!?! I *LOVE* the SS. It really is an amazing car. But I think coupes are just plain sexier then sedans!…..

…..GM saved SAAB from fading to oblivion. GM also seems to really wish for SAAB to be a premium brand. Please don’t dilute the SAAB brand further. Remember, SAAB’s slogan is “State of Independence”, not “Copy the other Guy and be an Also-Ran”…..

…..Ethanol Saab arrvies like last minute rescuer in old western movie. Thats the correct way to differ from the rest, done by engineer not visual designer…..

…..GM here do nothing to help resale with their own (Holden) product so its no wonder they have no clue about Saab. Have a long, hard look at your business model in Australia…..

…..Keep building Saabs in Trollhattan, make sure R&D and engineering still takes place there. Without some of the Swedish heart and soul in the design of Saab, you no longer have the marque……

…..I love my Saabs. Please keep them around and don’t try and turn them into clones of Audis or BMWs. They need to retain their Saab-ness. (I can’t exactly describe what that is, but it keeps me driving them. Maybe a combination of sportiness, practicality, and advanced design and engineering. More than just and ignition key between the seats.)….

That’s just a quick cut-n-paste. There’s plenty of great ideas there, and from a diverse group too. Austria to Australia, Mexico to Switzerland. Thanks one and all for dropping your ideas and enthusiasm on these pages. Please pass the word around to all and sundry so we can ‘Hit Bob for a Hundred’

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