9-3 SportCombi review

Here’s another review of the 9-3 SportCombi. I can’t wait to get my little mits on one of these babies. Saab dealers here in Oz are going to go for a spin later this month in Adelaide. Saab Australia neglected to give me a gig at the Sydney Motor Show – how about shouting Saab’s hardest working blogger over to the city of churches for a hoon?


Anyway, the Washington Times like the SportCombi. As does everyone else. Here’s a few snippets for your enjoyment and you can click here if you want to read the rest.

The first impression was how this 3,175-pound car is so well engineered in regard to structural rigidity. Development has progressed to the point of having an extremely fine-handling car, as evidenced by the ride and comfort over the rough surfaces of country roads without sacrificing performance.

Instant acceleration seemed to verify the claim that this V-6 Turbo is the fastest Saab to date. Passing a vehicle on a two-lane country road is a good test of the torque available at low rpms. Ninety percent of the 258 foot-pounds of torque are available from as little as 1,500 rpm with maximum torque available from a very useable 2,000 rpm to 4,500 rpm range. This is the kind of performance that can add greatly to the element of safety when passing or merging into high-speed traffic on expressways.

Also of interest is the smooth transition throughout acceleration with this turbo-equipped automobile. Gone is what is known as “torque steer,” where some turbocharged front-wheel-drive cars pull from side to side under heavy acceleration. Saab’s 30 years of experience with turbocharging really pays off with this high-performance 250-horsepower power plant. The highway manners of the new model get good marks and prove that sometimes “less is more” as Saab engineers often have stated.

Of course, if you hang out at certain threads on forums like this one, you’d think Saab engineers do nothing useful, and haven’t done anything at all for around 50 years.

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