9-7x Italiano? Bologna!!

Thanks to Andy, in comments, I have an excuse to perform what is perhaps the worst photoshop job ever.

Word received through Autoblog Italy that the 9-7x is coming to a pizza joint near you!!

The vehicle will be shown at the Motor Show in Bologna and I assume from my dodgy Babelfish translator that sales will start shortly thereafter.

I’m not sure how big the call is for big SUV type vehicles in Italy.  I thought they were mostly enamoured with your smaller vehicles and scooters.  I guess the 9-7x will offer plenty of protection from the cutthroat Italian traffic.

The 9-7x is listed on numerous Saab websites throughout Europe, but I’m not sure how many countries it’s actually available for sale in.  However many there are, you can now add Italy to the list.

Cuore Sportivo?  Not quite.  But if it sells a few and builds the brand, what the heck.

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