Just thought I’d post these few items of Automobilia for a bit of fun.

Some of you may know Ryan from DC. Many of you would have come accross the Saab Videos site in recent months. Well, Ryan’s the dedicated guy who collected all those vids for everyone’s enjoyment. The site may be out of action at that link due to bandwidth constraints, so if you’ve got some server space and a boatload of bandwidth you could donate, please contact me via email and I’ll arrang a meet up with Ryan.

Anyway, Ryan’s also got an architectural bone in his body and decided to apply his model making skills with his interest in Saab. The result? A 3/32 scale model of your modern Saab dealership. Unfortunately a 1/43 scale model wasn’t feasible, but it would have been great for storing model cars!

saab dealer model.jpg

and here’s a more distinctive picture of just the model…..

click to enlarge.


Whilst we’re dealing with the slightly unusual, here’s a board game that I found for sale.

Click to enlarge.

As near as I can tell, it’s based on the Monte Carlo rally and it uses little Saab 96’s as the game pieces. More photos can be found at Flickr and the game is up for auction at Swedish auction site, Tradera. I’ve emailed the owner and if it doesn’t sell I might grab it. I’d buy it just for the yellow dice with blue dots!!

But I think it’ll sell. And I can’t read Swedish anyway…..

UPDATE: it’ll definitely sell. It’s up to 760 skr already. Whoever buys it, I hope you have fun.

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  1. Hmm, that’s a little different than my dealer.

    I love the way the service bay works at my dealer, from an architectural standpoint I mean. There’s room to pull about 4 cars into a little staging area, which you have to walk through to enter the service area or parts desk from outside the dealership without walking through the showroom, and then from there the cars go through another garage door into the main service area, take a sharp left onto one of 4 or 5 lifts. Kind of weird and surreal to look through the glass-paned garage door and see 5 Saabs up on lifts.

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