Best SportCombi promo

A big thankyou to Olav for sending me the link to this Japanese promo site for the Saab 9-3 SportCombi.

Wow. Very impressive.

It runs on Flash 8 but is well worth the download if you’re not already set up.

The site is a transition piece. One picture leading to another, then to another. It’s got aircraft, sharks, skaters and plenty of great shots of the SportCombi too. Here’s hoping that Saab leverage sites like this and the new 9-5 Unleashed site as well as I’m sure they’d translate well in other regions.

Highly recommended: Japanese promo for the Saab 9-3 Sport Combi.

9-3sc site 5.jpg

More screenshots after the jump.

9-3sc site 4.jpg

First there’s a picture of the aircraft shaped cargo handle, which goes into a picture of an aircraft, then a focus into the cockpit where we have a nightpanel-type display. Spot the Saab Speedo?

9-3sc site 2.jpg

There’s a picture-on-picture display of Saab models throughout the years. Here’s a few of them.

9-3sc site 3.jpg

A final collage of Saab imagery that morphs out to a Saab badge, that eventually becomes the full stop (that’s a period for you Nort Americanos) on the notepad he’s writing on. Beautifully done.

9-3sc site 1.jpg

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  1. bloody good. brilliant even.

    thanks swade. Thinking of going to Japan next year – will be interesting to see what my mates over their think.

  2. Superb. I’ve got a terrible urge on this dark friday night to drive through Sydney at high speed with the night panel and get the extra section of the speedo to light up while listening to some groovy music.

  3. Wow, that was very well done. I’m really impressed with whatever ad agency put this together. Still, I’d wait to see some Japanese sales figures before getting too excited…do you know where to find them, Swade?

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