Biopower 9-5 for Germany too

The Saab 9-5 Biopower’s initial sales in Sweden have been encouraging. It’s coming to the UK soon. It’s coming to the United States as a concept in 2006 for possible sale in the future.

I didn’t know this, but it’s coming up for release in Germany as well. In early 2006, you German folks will be able to thumb your noses as you drive past the BMW showrooms and differentiate yourselves from the rest of the pack when you slide behind the wheel of a sleek new 9-5 Biopower.

Of course, you may have to travel some distance to find an e85 filling station, but when you do, it’ll be 180 horses taking you in style down the autobahn!!

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  1. swade, in germany there is NO e85-gasstation available in the whole country! Ford sells E85-cars, too, but no one can drive one – without fuel 🙂

  2. MOK24:

    That’s why Swade wrote, “Of course, you may have to travel some distance to find an e85 filling station”. Specifically, that drive would take you to Sweden. 🙂

    There are no E85 filling stations in all of Britain either, but that isn’t stopping them from selling the BioPower there! I’m wondering how much of this is simple one-upmanship on the part of potential BioPower owners: “well, _my_ car can run on ethanol at 185 horsepower if I could find it! Can your Bimmer?”.

  3. Well, the author of the linked article claims that there’s ‘a handful’ of them in Germany, so I guess that means a high likelihood of a long drive for most people. I think there may be a similar handful in the UK from memory, but again, I don’t know where.

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