Brand strengthening?

I ran a little piece last week on brand dilution. It included an historical look at Saab’s identity and the watering down of same under GM’s watch. Well worth a read if you’ve got a minute.

Counterpoint to this comes a report this morning with Saab being noted as one of the ‘coolest’ brands in the UK. Yahoo! News is reporting the following in it’s Lifestyle section.

Stephen Cheliotis, chairman of CoolBrands, the Superbrands unit that deals with cool, told AFP that the survey results indicated that “cool is a pretty universal language”.

“I think an interesting thing on the international perspective is how much the country of origin affects a brand’s cool credentials,” he said…..

…..While British car marques such as Jaguar and Land Rover remain among the coolest brands in Asia, Audi scores as Britain’s coolest car brand list due to its German credentials, followed by Japan’s Suzuki and Sweden’s Saab.

Becoming a cool brand isn’t just about being the label everyone is wearing or the car everyone is driving, Cheliotis explained.

“When we ask about what makes a cool brand, the kind of things we get back is authenticity, originality, uniqueness,” he said.

Saab’s recent sales success in the UK is undoubtedly a contributor to the building up of the brand’s image there. I remember around the time of the ‘brand dilution’ article that a reader in Norway emailed me a link to a site there that also had Saab amongst the top 100 brands according to some report published there.

Saab USA – please take note. There’s some momentum building here. I smell an opportunity. Take steps to build the same positive brand image there and the world will be your oyster.

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