Call yourself a collector? (Part 2)

Inspired by Ryan’s collection of Saab memorabilia, I thought I’d look for a few of his models, and in searching for the 9x model, I discovered this little gem.

A guy named Jeff Powell has put together a sensational site listing every diecast model he’s been able to find. It as last updated a little while ago, so he wouldn’t have the 9-2x model of Ryan’s on there, but it’s a VERY interesting list, complete with all the pictures.

– clicking on this link may lead to Ebay addiction and cause your wallet to dry up at increased rate:

Jeff Powell’s Saab Model site.

Ever wondered what a 96 would look like as a ragtop?

A classic 900 engine bay

A classic white Sonett III

A 900 done up in the Clarion rally gear

A neat little pull-back toy Saab

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  1. hI i WANDERED IN HERE GREAT SITE! i’VE BOOKEDMARKED IT. i’M A sAAB 900SE 2.0 TURBO owner in los angeles, california. my kids love it and so do I. We have to trick the mommy into going for a weekend drive along Pacific Coast. Addicted to FUN.

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