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Good to see some other media outlets finally reporting the fact that the 9-5 Biopower won the Popular Science “Best of” award. I bet you all thought I was making that one up. I notified Autoblog about it over 24 hours ago but as at the time of writing there’s only the sounds of tumbleweeds in the breeze over there. I don’t think they believed me either.


You may remember a few days ago I linked to the Carpages claim of a 9-5 Convertible debuting at the MPH show in the UK this month. It seems that this has now been sorted out and confirmed as an error on their part. They’re now reporting that MPH will feature a new 9-5 Aero as well as some 9-3 Aero SportCombis doing some driving tricks:

In the Live Action Arena, a pair of 9-3 Aero SportWagons, powered by Saab’s all-new 2.8-litre V6 turbocharged engines, will entertain the crowds with their agile chassis, sporty styling and 250 bhp power.


“Tell GM About It” comments were finally posted to Detroit yesterday. At a cost of $50 for postage, I’ve decided to email the European recipients. I’ll keep y’all posted as to any feedback received.


Viggen Update: I’ve got two more inspections to go through before I can register the car locally. Thank the Victorian State Government for that. One is a structural inspection to confirm the quality of the repairs and the other is an identity inspection to confirm that the vehicle isn’t a stolen, re-birthed vehicle. Both these inspections were done in Victoria already, but the Vic govet doesn’t remove the car from the Written Off Vehicles Register after they’re passed. Vic is the only state that acts this way. It wasn’t totally unexpected and it causes no fear for me about the car passing, but it’s a pain in the posterior nonetheless.

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  1. In basically every paper in Sweden (auto, science, daily…), there is this news about Saab and the “Best of” award. Nice to see the all the headlines: “Saab voted best new car” and so on… It sure draws attention from everyone… *grin*

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