Germany, here we come!!

Thanks to those of you that emailed and commented your congratulations about Australia FINALLY making the World Cup finals to be played in Germany in 2006. We haven’t been there for 32 years and truth be known, we’re probably not amongst the top 32 countries playing, but we’ve made it through. For once, everyone’s happy (unless they’re from Uruguay).

Australia won the game 1-0, but as Uruguay also won 1-0 on the weekend, it came down to penalties to see who’d qualify. Australia won the penalty shootout with an unassailable 4-2 lead.

Yes, the match was a thriller. Harry Kewell was sensational when he came on around the 30 minute mark. He helped set up the only goal of the game and worried the Uruguain defence the whole time. The big hero of the game, though, is Australian goalkeeper, Mark Schwartzer. When you stop 2 penalties – it’s hero time!

I’m not a big soccer fan, but these big national games get me interested. I’d much rather watch Aussie rules footy than a gaggle of acting sissies like Uruguay. But if it brings the country together (like this does every 4 years) then I’ll happily sing the anthem.

Aust vs Sweden in the final? I don’t think so……..but it’s nice to dream. After what the Koreans did last World Cup, anything’s possible!!

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  1. congratulations to the Australian soccer team for participation in the World Cup Finals in Germany.
    Its good for all to see soccer players coming from countries not specially known here for their interest in soccer. They will be a fresh stimulation in the event and I think they will become a good assistance by the visitors.
    Good luck.

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