Greatest. Car. Film. Ever.

First I take our local Saab guy for a run in the Viggen at lunchtime through the twisties at the foothills of Mt Wellington, then I come back to find Jalopnik has a link to download Rendezvous. If you haven’t seen Rendezvous before, then your life may be about to change.

please note, TrollhattanSaab does not specifically encourage the unpaid acquisition of 30 year old french driving films, nor the riotous driving therein……you’re an adult, make your own choice

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  1. Thanks for the link. I’d never heard of this film. I’d always wondered why someone hadn’t done this (put a camera on the front of a car and drive illegal mad speeds through a city).

    I counted about 20 red lights he ran. I can’t believe he wasn’t t-boned by traffic in those intersections. I’ve never been to Paris (or anywhere in Europe for that matter), but I hear it’s congested with traffic. I would think that it would have been that way even 30 years ago.

    I’m guessing that this was filmed at dawn. The light levels, the light traffic, and the presence of garbage trucks would support this theory.

    My guess is that the car was one of those cool old Citroen DS. 😉 But from a site I found they claim it was a Ferrari 275 GTB ( and they even use physics to figure out the various speeds of the route.

  2. It’s a great film, but a little out-dated. I suggest a re-make:

    The car: 9-3 Viggen
    The setting: Bellerive CBD
    The driver: A large-ish man with spectacles and half a goatee

    I’ll supply the camera.


  3. It’d be a much shorter film around the Bellerive CBD! All I’d have to do is zip from Eastlands to the quay. A 30 second trip in peak hour!!

    I’ve been rehearsing though 😉

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