Home Sweet Home

More photos will be taken tonight, but just to prove that its all real and the car is finally home….

viggen home.jpg

After the boat ride from the mainland to Tassie (10 hour overnight trip) and a three hour drive home, I was too exhausted to take photos yesterday. I did get around to washing the bugs off the car though and it’s now shining like a diamond once again.

And yes, the building of a carport is now a priority!!

Getting back into the 9000 was a bit of a change. After driving the old 99T around, getting into the 9000 was a pleasure. A comfortable, fine cruiser. After a weekend driving the Viggen, the 9000 now feels like a slug. A comfortable slug, but a slug nonetheless.

Normal blogging will resume with Viggen photos popping up in the next 24 hours.

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  1. I’m half-tempted to reitterate my previous comment, you bastard! Alas, I can’t be stuffed – it’s too hot and I’ve too many aging Saabs to fix. Depressing stuff, I know. :O(

    Drew B

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