How to make money on Ebay

Wanna make a buck? Sell stuff to 2182mark on Ebay.

He’s currently bidding A$12.00 for the book Made in Trollhattan at this auction on Ebay.

If he clicked my Amazon link in the left sidebar, he could buy it for US$1.25, which is about $1.70 Aust. It’s not a bad publication actually, more of a coffee table piece than a real reader, but worth having nonetheless.

Ah, there’s one born every minute. At least the seller’s only going to charge actual cost for postage, unlike some of those Ebay sharks out there….

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  1. I wonder how much he would pay for the uber rare media kit given out to the press during the launch of the 9x concept car. It’s bound in a rubber cover that has the same tread pattern as the tires on the car had. It’s quite top shelf.

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