Insurance notes (part II)

I wrote about my latest insurance experience here a few weeks ago. Dealing with Shannons again today, I don’t mind doing another ad for them. I’d also like to gather an idea of what others are paying around the globe.

1st good thing: I’m now getting pay-by-the-month at no extra cost. Some companies charge a premium in order to let you smooth out your bills. Not with Shannons. Further, they organised it all within 10 minutes over the phone this afternoon.

2nd good thing: they let me raise the agreed value of the car, without even seeing it! For thos of you that haven’t been keeping up, I bought a Saab 9-3 Viggen a few weeks ago and got it at a very good price, several thousand under market value. The Shannons documentation had the agreed value as my purchase price, but they raised as soon as I asked this afternoon. If I want to raise it any further, I need to have them inspect the car. I’m happy where it’s at though, and best of all, there was no increase in my premium. Speaking of which……

3rd good thing: I’m paying less for the Viggen, a high performance 1999 model Saab, than I was with my old insurer for my 1994 Saab 9000CS (which, being an automatic, is not a high performance car (sorry, Ken)).

For the record, my premium is in the order of A$560 per year for comprehensive (full) cover on the Viggen. That’s about 238 quid if you’re a Pom, around 3,375 crownies of you’re a Swede or 409 clams if you’re a Yank.

So, feel free to let us know what you’re paying in comments. Your age, type and year of car, type of insurance cover and amount please……

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  1. Well, my car isn’t the ultimate performance SAAB, just 220 original bhp in my 9-5 vector. But I pay the same as the Aero owner would do if the Aero was from the same year.
    My insurance covers everything including a moose crash (and believe me, you don’t want that to happen)
    My annual fee is 5.150 SEK (crownies)

  2. I’m in melbourne, i’m 22 and own a ’98 9-5 lpt. I’m paying about $1600 per annum….

    You want ageism? try and be an under 25 male with a turbocharged car!

  3. I’m in Sydney and aged 21 years.

    1978 99 Turbo: They wanted $1500 per annum
    1989 900 Turbo: They wanted $1800 per annum

    Instead of paying $3300 per year I pay $600 for Third Party and self insure myself at a saving of $2700. Currently waiting till i’m 25 and can move the 99 to Shannons and pay less for comprehensive than third party.

  4. HOLY COW is that ever cheap insurance! I pay that amount every 4 months for my car!!! Maximum no claims, clean driving record, been driving for 23 years and all I drive is a 2001 Ford Focus 2.0l 3 door!

  5. Wow, it seems like us Aussies aren’t doing it too badly then, save for the under 25 set.

    Sam, a ‘pom’ is an Englishman. And I’m sure all you poms are appreciative of that restrained description (though the recent Ashes loss restricted the number of witty retorts no end!!)

  6. About $1000 for my 2000 9-5 Aero, 41, Minneapolis, no accidents but one ticket.

    It’s actually hard to tell, because during the summer I pay liability for my two ’89 900 T verts. I had a bit of a fight with them over putting them in light-use/classic car category, but it worked. I just put them in winter storage, pulled them off the coverage, and I’ll have to figure what that did to the bill.

  7. 27 year old male, EUR 900 per year for full comp. for a 200HP 9000 CSE in Germany. No accidents, no driving records so far (hope it stays that way)

  8. 44 yo male (today) also insured with Shannons Aus. $185 for my ’93 900T and $210 for my ’90 9000T Carlsson. Both comprehensive but limited to 8000 kms per year. I’m about to add my 99T to the policy.

  9. ……….just added my 99T to the Shannons policy at a tad under $100. Comprehensive, very restricted use classic category etc etc. Sorry Swade you can’t buy it back when you move and have room!


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