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I’ve received some detailed 9-5 interior pics from one corner of the world and a quick test-drive review from another. I thought I’d match them up and post them here.

Firstly, Olav in Norway took a new 9-5 for a spin the other day. Olav’s particularly qualified to comment on the new wagon as he owns the direct predecessor – a 2005 9-5 SportCombi. It’s the one featured in the most recent Saab O The Week section. He’s planning on writing a more thorough review when time permits, but he did offer the following thoughts:

As mentioned earlier I was trying to get a test drive of the 2006 9-5, and then compare it with my own brand new 2005 9-5. I did not succeed the first time, but today I managed to grab one of the -06 NineFives and take her for a ride.

As a quick summary I can tell you that the -06 SAAB 9-5 is a very fresh car. Actually very fresh! In my point of view it is actually just as good as or even a better car than most of the comparable and younger cars I’ve been driven the last couple of months. I am also happy to conclude with that my brand new 2005 SAAB 9-5 Vector Sport Combi is still in the competition, it is running very well even compared with the 2006 9-5. But I can assure you that SAAB’s engineers have done a great job with the “newcomer”.

My local dealer could also tell me that they already have sold several model 2006 9-5s even before it’s being officially launched here in Norway. My SAAB-dealer is one of Norways biggest, and they have already managed to get a couple of 2006s 9-5 in their showroom. They sent me out tonite in a 2006 SAAB 9-5 2,3T SportCombi.

Thanks also to Marcel for the pics of what seem to be a new, black 2006 9-5 Vector SportCombi.

The ACC system. Note the upgraded trim surrounds. Very neat. Click to enlarge.
9-5 hirsch acc.jpg

Interior door trim – click to enlarge.
9-5 hirsch door trim.jpg

The black-room seats get contrasting stitching and inserts. Yum.
9-5 Hirsch seats.jpg

First one to the end gets a balloon. click to enlarge.
9-5 hirsch speedo.jpg

The trunk gets the aluminium treatment.
9-5 hirsch trunk.jpg

The fog lights get a discreet little hidey-hole. click to enlarge.
9-5 hirsch fogs.jpg

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  1. I’m happy to see 1 set of numbers around the gauges. This means the “km/h” is lit at all times (Day and night). If you switch the units on the SID to American, then the “km/h” will extinguish and “MPH” will light up, and the computer will adjust the needle appropriately. I’m guessing anyway, maybe American 9-5s will ship differently.

    No way to change the scale of the ACC system, but I guess they figured not too many buyers needed that anyway.

    The white gauges look nice, but boring. It’s a nice milky white though, almost looks like it’s coming from a white LED and not a bulb. That’s going to make transforming it to jet fighter green with an orange needle a little trickier :-/

  2. First of all, I love this website. I check it daily if not more often.
    The 2006 9-5 temperature controls are an improvemnt and I cannot wait to drive the vehicle. I was thinking of keeping my 2001 9-5 Aero wagon one more year but this may change with the improvements SAAB has made to the 9-5.
    I also like the seat trim and very pleased to see the door panel design remains “classic SAAB.”

  3. Just a question.
    After 4 days in the new 9-5 2,o t sportcombi 2006 I wonder why there is no lights in control buttons on the steering wheel ,its rely dark at night.If you look at the leaflet it seems to lit in green as the rest of the controls.
    On the new design back there only one red light on each side insted two on the former. No red lights on the backdoor.
    But stil a better car than the former 2005.

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