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I’m going to document my Saab library shortly. Not now. Too late at night. It’s not comprehensive by any means whatsoever, but there’s some good stuff in there.

Any highly recommended volumes should be posted in comments, please…….

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  1. I have a few. This probably isn’t an all inclusive list:
    Various brochures, mostly for new stuff, but a few older oens
    2003 Press Kit
    Made in Trollhättan
    Saab-Scania Story
    The Saab Story? Another book that follows their entire history
    Saab 99 and 900
    Saab 9-3: An Entirely New Sport Sedan
    Saab 9-5: A Personal Story

  2. Hey I got many of the same as yours, Ryan.

    Here are the “books” in my library (not counting tons of brochures, NINES, Saab Magazine, Saab Soundings and other Saab promotional nick nacks):

    The Saab Way – the first 35 years of Saab Cars, 1949-1984 (Gunnar A Sjorgren)

    Saab Sonett 1966-1974 (Brookland Books)

    Road & Track On Saab, 1972-1992 (R&T)

    Saab 99 and 900 – the Complete Story (Lance Cole)

    Car Men #12 – Michael Mauer, Saab Design Centre (Automobilia)

    The Saab-Scania Story

    Saab 9-3, an Entirely New Sports Sedan (Anders Tunberg)

    Saab 9-5, a Personal Story (Anders Tunberg)

  3. I would add my favorites in the pile are:

    Saab 99 and 900 – the Complete Story

    Car Men #12 – Michael Mauer, Saab Design Centre

    Saab 9-3, an Entirely New Sports Sedan

  4. You guys with large collections of SAAB media would be excellent sources of info on something I’d like to see (Swade, I may have a topic idea here…): A list of SAAB attributes.

    For example, we all know about the hockey-stick shape and the ignition key between the seats. Now none of these things has existed in EVERY SAAB model since it’s inception, but they are generally considered “SAABy” attributes.

    For example, green lighting in the cabin, AC knobs you can manipulate w/ mittoned hand, sagging headliner (okay, scratch that last one. That’s not really a positive attribute…), etc.

    I know a lot of these things are being phased-out in recent models as GM, IMHO, is slowly de-SAABifying SAAB, but let’s see a list of what you think are SAAB attributes.

  5. Here’s my list, my favorite is at the end:
    Saab Half a Century of Achievement, Eric Dymock, Dove Publishing, 1997
    SAAB 900 A Swedish Story, Anders Tunberg, Norden Publishing House Ltd., 1993
    The Saab-Scania Story, Streiffert & Co. Bokforlag HB, 1987
    SAAB TURBO 99 and 900 series; 3,4,5 door, Graham Robson, Osprey Publishing Limited, 1983
    From TWO-STROKE to TURBO, Anders Tunberg, Motor Racing Publications Ltd., 1980
    SAAB 900 Engineering Features, Saab-Scania AB, 1987
    THE CARS IN THE SAAB MUSEUM, Saab-Scania AB, 1989
    and especially for two-stroke bufs:
    SAAB GUIDE, Modern Sports Car Series, Sports Car Press Ltd., Crown Publishers, 1961
    (Lots of unique info, like GT 750 competition tuning, how to operate the Halda Speed Pilot, etc.)

  6. Wow, you guys have got some good stuff there. More than I’ve got, but I’m planning on adding a few tomorrow. Part of my Melbourne trip to pick up the Viggen will include a stop at Motor Book World, where hopefully there’ll be some stuff sitting in a box, gathering dust, that I’ll get nice n cheap.

    Titles in my library, from your lists:

    The Saab Way – the first 35 years of Saab Cars, 1949-1984 (Gunnar A Sjorgren)

    Saab Half a Century of Achievement, Eric Dymock, Dove Publishing, 1997

    The Saab-Scania Story

    Made in Trollhättan


    Saab: The Innovator – Mark Chatterton

    Various press kits and brochures from over the years

    Another book from 1997 that goes through each model from 1947 onwards and the feautures and changes – can’t remember the title.


    Mr Saab (about Erik Carlsson)

    99 and 900 (Lance Cole)

    The Anders Tunberg stuff

  7. Three more I overlooked, not Saab-specific, but of interest to Saab nuts:
    THE ART AND TECHNIQUE OF DRIVING, Pat Moss, Erik Carlsson, William Heinemann Ltd., 1965
    (Apparently written for polite English drivers, most Americans would think the book was a hilarious comedy)

    PAT MOSS The Story so far, Pat Moss-Carlsson, William Kimber and Co. Limited, 1967
    (Enjoyable reading, lots of stories about her first meetings with Erik on the rally circuit)

    The High-Speed Two-Stroke Petrol Engine, Philip H. Smith, Whitefriars Press Ltd, 1965
    (Not Saab-specific, but more than you’d ever want to know about development of the two-stroke engine with good coverage of the Saab engine)

  8. here my own literature concerning Saab:
    1. “The spirit of Saab/Mehr als ein Saab” by Rolf Bleeker, 1992. German
    2. “Mr Saab/The tale of Erik Carlsson on the roof”
    3. “Made in Trollhättan”
    4. “The Convertible”( only excellent photos relating to the development of the new 9-3 Convertible )
    5. “Saab/Half a century of achievement”

    Beside this a lot of prospects, starting in 1973
    with Saab 99. All in German.

  9. Question for Ted Y –

    Would you be so kind as share your insights on: “SAAB 900 A Swedish Story”, Anders Tunberg, Norden Publishing House Ltd., 1993?

    For comparative purposes, I think that “Saab 900: Engineering Features” handled the design and engineering topics very well.

    As such, I am looking for a book that covers the GM900’s design and engineering. Per chance, would that book address those two items?


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