Saab Library Part II

Thanks to comments in the first Saab Library entry, as well as a few emails I’ve received, I’ve managed to build up a decent list of Saab-related titles to add to my shopping list. One thing that’s become clear is how miniscule my own collection is at only 5 or so titles!! I’ve also got numerous sales brochures from over the years and Saabmissions and Saabscene magazines, but in terms of books one could say that I’ve been weighed, measured and found to be severely lacking.

Here’s the list I’ve been able to build up so far, with the titles I’ve got accompanied by an asterisk. I’ve left out any aircraft related titles and service manuals. I’ll be aiming to purchase a few of these via the Amazon links in the left sidebar.

*Made in Trollhattan – Lowe & Partners (2001)
*The Saab Scania Story – Saab (1987)
*The Race Against Time – Saab (2005)
The Cars in the Saab Museum – (1989)
*50 Years of Saab 1947-1997 – Motorhistoriskt Magasin (1997)
*Saab 9-5: A personal story – Anders Tunberg (1997)
*Saab 900: A Swedish Story – Anders Tunberg (1993)
Saab 900 9000 9-3 9-5 – Unique Motor Books (UK road test reprints)
Road and Track on Saab – Road and Track 1972-1992
*Saab 99 and 900: The complete story – Lance Cole (2001)
*Mr Saab
Michael Mauer: Saab Design Centre (2002)
*The Spirit of Saab – Rolf Bleeker (1993)
*SAAB – A half century of achievement – Eric Dymock (1997)
*Saab 9-3: An Entirely New Sport Sedan – Anders Tunberg
*The Saab Way – the first 35 years of Saab Cars, 1949-1984 – Gunnar A Sjorgren (1984)
Saab Sonett 1966-1974 – Brookland Books
SAAB TURBO 99 and 900 series; 3,4,5 door – Graham Robson (1983)
From TWO-STROKE to TURBO – Anders Tunberg (1980)
SAAB 900 Engineering Features – Saab-Scania AB, 1987
SAAB GUIDE, Modern Sports Car Series – Sports Car Press Ltd., Crown Publishers, (1961)
*Saab: The Innovator – Mark Chatterton

There’s several other titles over at the original Saab Library post, in comments, that aren’t necessarily Saab specific but may be of interest.

As mentioned, a handful of these titles are listed in my Amazon links on the left sidebar and would be perfect Christmas presents for the Saab enthusiast to order for himself on behalf of his ever-loving spouse or offspring. Please be aware that through this blatant suggestive selling, I’d be reaping a paltry commission from Amazon as a result of the transaction.

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  1. Hello

    There is a new book that is not currently in your Saab library. It is an interesting new book written by the owner of a historically significant Saab. The Saab in question is a Saab 94 or Saab Sonett Super Sport (commonly referred to as the Sonett I).

    The particular car is one of only six constructed and, for many years, was believed to have been badly damaged in a road crash.

    Since found and restored, this book chronicles the history of Saab Sonett chassis number 4.

    Interestingly there are only 350 copies printed in English, so this is sure to be a sought after book that is likely to appreciate in value in Saab circles.

    Thought you might like to hear about this one and place it on your list. 🙂

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