Saab O The Weekend

Forgive me this little indulgence, but Stu (the lens genius) has just sent me a slightly tweaked version of one of the Viggen shots we took the other day. Hope you enjoy!

UPDATE: It’s now a bigger, enlargeable picture. Click to enlarge.

Viggen Sunset Plate.jpg

For those of you that are tech minded with photos, this one was the result of blending two different shots.

As the light was getting rather low, Stu took one shot with the light reading taken from the car. This exposed thecar really well, but left the background looking rather ordinary. In the second shot, the light reading was taken from the sunset, meaning the background looked great but the car was washed out a bit.

The great thing about Photoshop is the ability to combine these two shots and get the perfect exposure in one great photo.

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