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The Swedish Championship has eluded Per Eklund this year, his first with the 9-3 Sport Sedan. This Sunday, November 6, UK rally fans will have a chance to see Per Eklund in action at the Croft Circuit in the 2005 CD Bramall Ford Rallycross Superprix.

Perhaps the Saab Performance Team will be there too? I have no knowledge of this, but it’d be great if they were.


I’ve recently acquired addresses for Jay Spenchian and Bob Lutz. Am now working on addresses for Jan-Ake Jonsson and Carl-Peter Forster.

“Tell GM About It” will be on it’s way very soon.


A reader in Norway indicated he’d be testing out a new 2006 9-5 shortly to compare it to his new 2005 model SportCombi (which you’re going to see some great photos of next week).

It’ll be interesting to hear how things go with the 2006 model test drive.


I’m in the process of contacting some US Saab dealers to see what’s going on at the coalface there. Sales are down and it’d be interesting to get their impression as to why. Being an NBA fan, I’ve picked some NBA towns – Dallas, Cleveland, Miami (Go Dwyane Wade – who I’m claiming as a cousin despite my lack of skin pigmentation), Philly, Boston, Seattle, Sacramento and Denver.

Any other dealers out there, your thoughts on the following would be appreciated:

1. What’s been the bigger problem in selling Saabs lately? Model range, or lack of availability?

2. How well is the 9-7x being received by customers?

3. What’s the one thing your customers would like to see in a Saab that’s currently lacking?

4. What do you think are the barriers to greater success for Saab? e.g. advertising, quality, reliability, range etc


I’m about 24 hours away from Viggen ownership!! If you think you’re having a long day, please reconsider……


It seems the whole Jets thing is happening here in Oz too. I saw a promotional mailout this morning with a pilot’s mask on the front and Sierra…….Alpha…….Alpha………Bravo along the top. Looked cool.

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  1. Sierra…….Alpha…….Alpha………Bravo

    And all this time I thought it was Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget :-/

    24 hrs ….. is a long time in Viggen time ! We’ll want pics, lots of them. Good luck.

  2. OK, I’m lying. But you asked…..

    It’s Lightning Blue. Those photos I’ve shown previously are the car I’m buying (providing everything checks out OK on my own personal test drive)

  3. It is, Ken. Though the term has been used rather loosely in this instance.

    This car is to write offs what Billy Ray Cyrus was to heavy metal music.

  4. how much ” torque steer”??
    As long as your car is not to write-offs what BRCyrus is to mullets.

    As for BRC…..did you see him in Mulholland Drive? Masterful.Diff’rent. Unusual.

  5. Pete, didn’t see him Mulholland as I haven’t seen it but I have a hard time seeing BRC as ‘masterful’ in any respect. I’ll take your word for it, though.

    Not understanding the ‘torque steer’ question.

  6. I like Lightning Blue. It reminds me of the blue of the Swedish flag. With yellow accents (like the Viggen logo) it looks JUST like the Swedish flag!

    My fav all-time color for SAABs is Dolphin Gray though. Yeah, I’m THE GUY who liked that color (looked like glossy bondo). I think it was only available for a couple of years.

  7. A personal note about the Saab sales here in the US…

    From what I see (at dealer today for service), they are out of product, or have a very limited inventory. In the Detroit area, there have been NO 9-2Xs on anyone’s lot since July. The new 9-5s are not here yet, ditto for the SportCombi. So it’s 9-3s in the hardtop or convertible varieties, a few leftover 9-5s, and plenty of 9-7X. From what I see, I think Saabs are on the upswing in this area (Detroit suburbs). My own neighborhood has gone from 0 to 4 Saabs in two years (65 homes), so from where I live, things look good.

    Of course, GM “fire sales” may have fueled that, too, but people LIKE these cars, they REALLY LIKE these cars. (OK, poor Sally Field imitation, but you get the point).

    Good luck with the Viggen. I, too, love that color, and pick it over black. Black is so hard to keep clean…

  8. Oops, didn’t realize you had a post on October sales right below this one! The same points were made, I think. I agree about the planning piece, too. An empty showroom is just not cool. People that are not Saab loyalists are not going to buy what they can’t see and drive. The employee deals were poorly timed for Saab. Period. There can’t be another explanation.

  9. As for dealerships to contact, you might want to try the two in the Silicon Valley area here in California. That’s always been a pretty good Saab market. Here’s the info I got off the Saab website.

    B & B Saab
    2983 El Camino Real
    Santa Clara, CA 95051
    Phone: 408-247-3444
    Fax: 408-985-6757

    Burlingame Saab
    825 N. San Mateo Dr.
    San Mateo, CA 94401
    Phone: 650-348-4200
    Fax: 650-579-5803

  10. swade,

    “masterful” was just my offhand way of describing a role where BRC basically played himself. The film is worth seeing BTW.

    As for the torques steer….’twas a vague reference to my earlier comment that any damage done to the frontend/steering of your Viggen in its accident might result in a twitchy feel when driving, if there was damage. At the same time, most references or reviews of Viggens make at least one mention of torque steer. So, I was imagining you test driving the car, front end gets twitchy and the owner dismisses as “TS”….but the whole joke is past its expiry now.

    Hope you’ve picked it up & are enjoying by now.


  11. Garff Saab
    560 S 200 E
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
    TEL 801-257-3100

    Salt Lake City – home of the Utah Jazz and University of Utah. Alma Mater of Aussie Andrew Bogut.

  12. My dealer visited was:

    Saab of Troy
    1819 Maplelawn Dr.
    Troy, MI 48084
    Ph: 248-205-1333

    there are some email addresses on there whom you could probably contact. They are the largest volume Saab dealer in the Detroit area.

    As mentioned elsewhere, you probably won’t be trcking things like this down much over the weekend, or anything else besides experiencing that Viggen. Enjoy!

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