So Confused Pt II

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In an interesting addendum to the confusing reports coming out of the GM-Saab Public Relations menagerie, Edmunds are now reporting that the possible Saab 2-seater mentioned yesterday in Automotive News will be based on the Opel Astra platform.

This’ll certainly be one to watch. The Astra currently houses engines usually of the 4 cylinder variety with displacement around 1.8 – 2.2 litres. The reports yesterday suggested that the 2.8 litre V6 could be getting shoehorned into this car. You’d be looking at power-to-weight of almost Lotus-like proportions (OK, I’m exaggerating, but I’m excited, orrright?).

From Edmunds:

Saab now expects to tap German sibling Opel for a front-wheel-drive platform — specifically, the sporting chassis that underpins the new Astra OPC coupe that was revealed earlier this year at the Geneva show.

The Saab sportster, which reportedly was developed by former design boss Michael Mauer before he left to head Porsche’s design department, will likely be unveiled next spring at the 2006 Geneva show.

The Saab two-seater may share Opel’s turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, which makes 240 horsepower, or it may accommodate one of the Swedish firm’s turbocharged V6 engines. A six-speed manual gearbox will be standard.

This is the Opel OTC they’re talking about:

opel astra opc.jpg

It’s certainly an interesting development. The Opel Astra was rumoured to be the basis for developing a replacement for the 9-2x as well.

I’m learning that whilst Edmunds IS a reliable source in a general sense, they can shoot themselves in the foot on occasions. The 9-4x being spoken of in Europe as being on Epsilon whilst Edmunds continue to insist it’s on Theta is one example. The fact that all the other reports about this 2-seater quote it being reminiscent of the Sonnet II and Edmunds publish a picture of Sonnet I is another.

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  1. The Opel Astra is based on GM’s compact FWD car platform formerly known as “Delta”. Independent suspension in front, “torsion bar” type in the rear. Platform is said to have had Volkswagen Jetta in mind when designed.

    According to the link above, the 9-2 was originally going to be based on the Delta platform before GM decided on the rebadged Subaru WRX. Under “cancelled vehicles” they also have: “Opel was to use the platform for the Astra, but they decided to use an updated chassis from the old Astra.”

    “The Saab sportster…”? Whenever I’ve heard the suffix “…ster” before it’s typically used in reference to a convertible (Porsche SpeedSTER, Porsche BoxSTER). I really wish Spenchian or the SAAB Marketing people, (or whomever) would specify whether the proposed concept would be a rebirth of the Sonett I from the ’50s (SAAB 94) or the Sonett II from the 60’s (SAAB 97). That would pretty much tell us whether to expect a hard top or convertible.

  2. Gripen, see So Confused Pt I.

    This seems to be the primary source article and in it the guy speaks specifically of the Sonnet that they sold in the 1960’s, being the Sonnet II, hardtop. They never sold any Sonnet 1’s.

    Perhaps a retractable roof might be in the offing, but I’d suspect that it’d be roofed.

  3. I don’t like the looks of the backend of the Opel. It looks too much like a Ford Focus. I hope they change that before it becomes a Saab

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