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Being Wednesday, it’s SOTW time once again. With apologies to those private entries that have been sent in, I’ll take another SOTW shot from Flickr. (The shots from readers are stored on another computer and I forgot to transfer one for today).

This Classic 900, fully loaded, was shot by Sharps in San Francisco. As you can see, surfboards for 20 but room for 2.

surfsup Saab 900.jpg


Calling all you Autonews subscribers: Edward Lapham has some commentary on there, just released, that appears to have a Saab flavour to it. Anyone like to shed some light on this in comments?? Here’s the little that we can read without being a subscriber:

Saab executives also figure a blast from the past might help rejuvenate their brand. GM’s Swedish subsidiary will unveil a concept at the Geneva auto show in March. It will be powered by a 250-hp V-6 engine, but its most interesting feature:Front-wheel drive. Does anyone remember the Saab Sonett?


Carpages are reporting that Saab have been awarded top marks for the Saab Active Head Restraint system , available in all UK Saab models, in tests by the Thatcham insurance research agency.

Announcing the results, Thatcham Crash Research Manager Matthew Avery said: “Saab has been a benchmark for designing seats to help prevent whiplash injury. Real world data from insurance claims shows that the Saab 9-3 with active head restraints has produced a 42 per cent reduction in whiplash injuries, compared to the previous model which did not have them.

“The ‘best practice’ approach from Saab was a fundamental part of the International Insurance Whiplash Prevention Group’s test procedure and it encourages all manufacturers to fit similar systems.”


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  1. notes in a hurry:

    1) they be sailboards swade.

    2) Does this mean the V6 is cool again? Was the V6 ever cool? When will GM learn to love turbo 4s?
    I have a V6 so perhaps this will make me cool. Do I need to be cool? Hmmm…….

    3)Anyone else noticed how many other cars have features based on Saab? There are numerous vehicles here in oz with headrests like these ( minus the bioscience of course). Ford Territory anyone?

    hope your day is a beauty.

  2. Do you need to be cool? Discuss.

    Sounds like a great essay question for someone doing a masters in psych – or marketing for that matter.

    As for the boards, sailboards are a lot bigger but the fins are a giveaway everytime. More upright.

    Just got a phone call from my wife and she has crashed the V6. Everyone is fine thank goodness but I hear the quiet sound of money leaving my wallet…..

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