SOTW – November 9

It’s Wednesday, so that means it must be time to throw another Saab O The Week entry in for everyone’s mutual enjoyment. I’m very pleased to bring you a series of shots from Olav in Norway, who managed to combine his beautiful 2005 9-5 SportWagon with a great and somewhat rare Norwegian sunset, as well as another Saab in the background (OOPS!! I was a little presumptuous there. I’ve been informed it’s actually a Fokker F50. Those fokking planes confuse the daylights out of me sometimes!!).

What an effort! I love the slogan he’s stuck in there too – “Air Crafted”.

SOTW Saab 9-5 left front 500.jpg

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SOTW Saab 9-5 plane 1 800.jpg

SOTW Saab 9-5 plane 2 800.jpg

SOTW Saab 9-5 plane 3 800.jpg

SOWT Saab 9-5 front 800.jpg

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You can view all the SOTW photos by clicking here: Saab O The Week.

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  1. Let’s see — you drive on the wrong side of the road, your steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car, you celebrate Christmas in the summer, and now you claim it’s Wednesday when it’s still Tuesday night !

    It’s Election Day here in the U.S., and the polls aren’t even closed yet.

    But it’s midnight in Paris. Has the rioting started up again?

    Time zones in the Internet age. Sigh.

  2. Interesting how all my google ads now are directing me to aviation sites & cheap fuel….
    Even google gets in a second what GM wrestle with for years. Ah, the internet.

  3. Interesting Pete. I don’t get those, which I thought I would being in the same part of the world. Hmmmm.

    They ARE great shots, aren’t they?

    Greg, you Yanks just keep following our lead OK? You’ll get to Wednesday soon enough……;-)

  4. This is very cool! The copilot in that Fokker 50 could actually be me! 🙂 I fly the Fokker 50 for what used to be SAS Commuter, but now is part of SAS Braathens. And I drive a Saab! An old ’86 900 Aero – very fun car. And sunsets aren’t that rare over here – this is taken at Stavanger airport Sola (wich coincidentally means “the Sun”), and is located in the south of Norway. It’s only the northern part of Norway that has midnight sun during summer/complete winter darkness during winter.

    Sven M

  5. “Air Crafted” – you’ve knicked that line from a Saab 9-5 advert written by me and my agency – bloody cheek!!!

    Thanks though!

    James Cross – Senior Copywriter/Saab Great Britain

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