Tell GM About It update

I thought I’d better let you all know what was happening with the Tell GM About It campaign.

I’ve dumped all the comments into a Word document and I’m currently just going through them, fixing up spelling and formatting issues. This should be finished today and they’ll be ready for printing and sending off.

All 104 pages of them!!

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  1. Swade, are you planning to offer the word-document as a download? Would be much easier to read than the website, I guess.

    Greets, Martin

  2. Swade,

    Send them a pdf; let them know we’re more sophisticated than MS Word:-)

    I know this is too late, but in case it’s not, where I said “A Sonett replacement, even if it’s rear wheel drive”, could you change it to “A Sonett replacement, front wheel drive like the original”.

    I was having a bad day and feeling rather hopeless.

    Swade–> Shall do, Ted.

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