The Trollhattan Week in review

What a week! I know it’ll only be Friday morning for many of you when you first read this. Here, it’s 11pm on Friday night (11.20 now that I’ve finished – phew!). As I scrolled through the last week’s writing it occurred to me that this has possibly been one of the most satisfying weeks I’ve had writing this weblog.

First there was a beautiful picture of my new Viggen as Saab O The Weekend.

There was also one of the most amusing and satisfying car reviews I’ve ever read – Jeremy Clarkson’s review of the 9-3 Sport Combi.

Next there was the MASSIVE news of a possible new model, reminiscent of the early Sonett II, based on the Delta platform that will underpin vehicles such as the next Opel Astra. Part 1 of the story. Part 2 of the story.

With the help of many of you, I also got to compile a reasonably comprehensive list of titles for the Saab library.

I found a link to Rendezvous, the greatest driving film ever (thanks Jalopnik).

Allan took some beautiful shots of his Saab 9-5 for the midweek edition of SOTW.

AUSTRALIA QUALIFIED FOR THE WORLD CUP – where our sole aim is to play against, and defeat – England.

I got to write up a Saab snapshot, which is always a favourite task of mine. Again, the future’s looking good!

I’m getting a great insight as to how fortunate we Aussies are with our insurance rates. I’m going to try and get some quotes for you overseas guys and see what the comparative rate would be in Australia. Should be interesting and thanks to all that have posted some info on what you pay.

Finally, I got to vent my spleen at what I considered to be an insulting and ill-considered article by the Editor-In-Chief of MPH Online.

A very satisfying week indeed!!!

But that’s not all, folks……

I’m pleased to say that I’ve emailed the Tell GM About It comments to Carl-Peter Forster and Jan-Ake Jonsson in the last hour. Hard copies were sent to Bob Lutz and Jay Spenchian last week.

But that’s STILL not all, folks…….

I’m also excited to report that my wife went for 3 new jobs recently, and we found out that she got 2 of them!!! It’s house-hunting time for us!!!!

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