UK sales data for October

Thanks to Vector 220, via SaabCentral, there’s news of yet another Saab sales rise in the UK. I haven’t seen anything on GM Media about it yet (they’re notoriously slow for UK sales figures), so we’ll run with this.

In short, Saab posted yet another double-digit gain in a month where there was a double-digit fall in total volume sold.

Saab sold 1,771 vehicles in the UK during October 2005, compared with 1,562 in October 2004. That’s a 13.38% sales rise in a month where sales overall were down 10.75%. Interestingly, the UK sales also rank above US sales for October, which came in at 1,340 units – mainly due to inventory problems.

Saab have now sold 23,596 vehicles in the UK during 2005, a 38% rise for the same period in 2004. Sensational. It’s little wonder Saab are building up a rep as one of the cooler brands in Britain.

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  1. What this report doesn’t mention is that some Saab dealers haven’t sold a new car to an ‘End customer’ in months. or not in the quantity you would expect for nearly 1800 units sold.

    after 2 years of Saab GB’s new marketing drive, although looking great on paper. The truth behind this miracle is that only about 30% of New car registrations have been to ‘end customers’. This leaves the other 70% of new Saab registrations being pre-registered vehicles to meet monthly targets and fleet car Sales.

    in 2 years Saab GB has done a great job in almost doubling registrations as to 2003. However this has come at a price to the used car owner, and that used car values have been slashed by approximately £4,000.

    If Saab USA were to adopt the same attitude to fleet Sales, then Saab would we well in their way to the magic 250,000 units p.A.

    However I feel this type of marketing is detrimental to the Brand Image.

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