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Hey all!

Thanks for your comments. I’m having a blast with this car. Things have turned out really well. it’s been a case of right place, right time. I’ve managed to pick up a 1999 Viggen at about $4000 – $6000 below market value and in short, other than the ACC compressor needing a little work and a few cosmetic touches to be done, the car is A-OK.

I took it to a panel shop nearby (with a family connection) and got it confirmed that there’s been no structural damage at all. There’s one small area of repair in the front left quarter that could benefit from being re-done. Other than that it’s all great.

This morning I went down to Swedish Prestige, who handle the Abbott Racing components here in Oz. I was beginning to wonder if the Viggen Rescue Kit was already fitted as the car exhibits very little torque steer at all. I’ve taken it through some great twisties and given it a fair kicking just to try and induce an involuntary lane change and whilst there’s plenty of go, there’s nothing but a sense of sure-footedness at all times.

Dean at Swedish Prestige sent a chill down my spine when he suggested that maybe it wasn’t boosting properly, but a quick run later he dismissed that theory for himself ;-). The Kit isn’t fitted, but the car handles extremely well regardless, and as I mentioned: very little or no torque steer in evidence at all.

I’ve decided against fitting the Rescue Kit for the time being as the car runs and handles SO well that the benefit at this point would be negligible. Dean actually agreed (and he had a $1500 sale riding on it). And Gripen: I can buy individual components of the kit from there – no worries. Should I decide to mod the car at all in the future, the Kit will probably have to factor into calculations. For now, I’m perfectly happy with things.

I also had the pleasure of meeting up with a couple of Saab Club of Oz diehards in National Prez, Alex Reid and designer of the greatest car club magazine in the world, Mr Steve Bunton. Both drive inspiring examples of the classic 900 and it was a blast to have our 3 car convoy shining like a diamond down North Road for a delicious breakfast at St Kilda this morning.

The Viggen’s a little different than what I expected. I’ll write more when I get back, but let’s just say it’s a bit like a knight from the middle ages: perfectly well mannered unless provoked.

Thanks everybody for the interest. I’m having a ball with this car and I can recommend to anyone thinking of getting one to investigate it as thoroughly as you can – the rewards are worth it!

Pics and a more thorough write up to come.

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  1. I am hooked, i had the pleasure of driving swade’s new purchase today, and yes i did what Mr Bedelph did in Sab’s sled, stalled it at first take off!!

    We took it around brunton ave in Melbourne, a road that surrounds the world famous Melbourne Cricket Ground,
    considering that it is a 40km/h road zone, i gave swade’s Vig a little stab from 2nd to 3rd and i was going much faster than 40km/h 🙂 and not a ounce of torque steer under full load.

    Thing feels solid as, i learnt a lot today about the viggen, like dont believe what any motoring journalist says about a viggen until you have driven on, and driven it hard!!

    as Drew B said:

    your one lucky bastard swady!!

    al 😉

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