Uruguay 1 Australia 0

For the second consecutive time, Australia are having to play Uruguay in order to qualify for the World Cup of Football (That’s soccer to some of you). I hate Uruguay more and more every four years. Bunch of professional-fouling, acting sissies. I wish you could tackle in soccer like you can in Aussie Rules. Then we’d teach ’em how to hurt.

1-0 Uruguay at half time.

1-0 at full time too. Mongels!

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  1. And in the meantime, that soccer-mad nation, the U.S.A. has already qualified first in its group.

    It’s funny. In general as a sports fan I like to root for the underdog. And yet this is hard to do, for the most part, as an American in international sports. Except in soccer, which is one reason that the ’02 World Cup was so wonderful.

    So I’ll root for the “Socceroos” (isn’t that what they’re called?).

  2. Are you going to the game, Pete? If so, knock out one of those uruguayans for me. A tap to the thigh should be enough to see them rolling on the floor in agony!

    Greg, indeed they are the Socceroos. We’ve had the rough end of the stick for 31 years now. We blitz through our own group (Oceania) but then have to play off against the 5th place South American team. FIFA actually gave Oceana direct entry into the World Cup a few years go, when it needed our vote to pass some new regulation or something. Once the vote was assured, it promptly changed the rules back again.

    Soccer – a scoring deprived game for actors. I generally get bored senseless when watching it, but I love the World Cup.

  3. So what happens if the Socceroos win 1 – 0 in Sydney? Does the World Cup berth get decided in a shoot out ? (ugh)

    Soccer is like baseball — you have to be a knowledgeable fan to appreciate it on TV. It’s much better to see in person — you get a panoramic view of the field, the smell of the grass, and by seeing the whole field, you can see strategy and defense developing that you can’t see on TV.

  4. I thought they’ve become the footeroos, seeing as the term “soccer” is non PC these days.

    not going to the game unfortunately swade. Will no doubt be shouting at the telly.

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