Viggen shots

Here’s the first batch, with plenty more to come over time, i’m sure…….

Here she is with a light-faded Hobart in the background.
Viggen full.jpg
Photo by Stu – lens genius.

It was a little tempting to try a Pike’s Peak run, but only a little….
Viggen Pikes.jpg
Photo by me, the young apprentice.

Speed has a face…..
Viggen front.jpg
Photo by me.

The cockpit. Really, really comfortable.
Viggen interior.jpg
Photo by me.

Whilst Stu prefers the woodgrain, he did warm to the carbonfibre in the end, admitting that it did have a sort of “Tweed-like” sophistication.
Viggen int detail.jpg
Photo by Stu.

I love the rear quarter – so photogenic!!
Viggen badge.jpg
Photo by me.

The wheels are showing some kerb-rash, but that’ll be addressed in the next few weeks.
Viggen side.jpg
Photo by me.

If you told me 10 years ago (when I moved here to start University) that in 2005 I’d be married to the greatest woman on the planet, have a somewhat small but still comfortable home AND my dream car – I wouldn’t have believed you. Some things are worth celebrating!
Viggen triumph.jpg
Photo by Stu

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  1. Cool car. GREAT shots!!! Please send Stu out Washington DC so he can take some pics of my new Combi Aero for SOTW. The dealer says “any day now”!

  2. Viggen Blue is an outstanding color. I see Mazda and VW have copied it lately.

    I have a white c900 T convertible that I may have repainted Viggen blue.

    When I get around to it. Sometime in the next decade or so.

  3. Greg, may be cheaper to just buy a Viggen ‘vert in 10 years!

    The colour, in person, is actually tinged with purple. Looks great.

    Thanks for your kind words, gents. Even you Alex!!

  4. Love the color, I’m on the market for a Viggen as well but this time I’m looking at convertible in steal-grey color.
    Hello from Houston
    Jacek at Performance SAAB

  5. Pete,

    I think cars like this one prove that they’re definitely possible. How many other car will allow you to whip a BMW’s backside at a trackday and then lug some furniture on the way home?


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