What the….? 9-5 Convertible?

I’ve just noticed this….

Carpages is reporting that Saab will use the MPH show in the UK to unveil a new 9-5 convertible.

A typo? Or a sensational new development?

Time will tell. I’ll be tracking this like a……a……person that’s really making an effort at tracking things.

UPDATE: Looks like either a typo or a hoax. Word just in from a very reliable source that there’s no secret 9-5 out there, roofed or unroofed (ok, he didn’t say that, but one can assume)

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  1. Could be a typo, but in the context of the paragraph in conjunction with mentioning of Volvo’s new C70 and another new ragtop (the one based on the S40 ?), this could well *not* be a typo and a total stealth move by Saab !

    So keep tracking it, Swade. Stay clear of blue cheese and any other pungent substances so your nose is always sharp and alert and ready to sniff out the latest Saab rumors/news.

    “Meanwhile, Saab is making a point of unleashing its new 9-5 convertible and Volvo reveal its own new ragtop, as the new C70 comes out into the light.”

  2. I should add that Saab should have got into the executive ragtop business long time ago, even with the 9000 platform. I know Sweden doesn’t get much sunshine ….. but in a ragtop world of 6-series, SL/SLK/CLK and even the old Volvo C70, Saab needed its own entry

  3. Yeah ZIPPY, it struck me as a bit odd too, but like Ken said, it reads as a very deliberate inclusion and what’s new about the 9-3 ‘vert? There hasn’t been any mention about a refresh of that model.

    It’ll be interesting to see what transpires.

  4. Well unless there IS a secret re-vamping of the 9-3 line in terms of a makeover. But given what Saab’s been doing, what they and GM have been telling us, and from our collective infinite wisdom about the next 2-3 years’ plans, the likelihood of that possibility is like saying I’ll make Wimbledon Finals next year …….

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