20th Anniversary – the “Irresistivertible”

I’ve just been reading over at Autochannel how Saab will be using the upcoming Greater Los Angeles Auto Show early next year to launch not only the 9-5 Biopower "concept" for the US, but will also unveil a 20th Anniversary version of it’s greatest success – the Convertible.

2006 Saab 9-3 20 Years Edition Aero Convertible: California was made for convertibles, and Saab is celebrating two decades and 240,000 vehicles’ worth of convertible sales success by announcing an anniversary model, the Saab 9-3 20 Years Edition Aero Convertible. Saab 9-3 20 Years Edition Aero Convertible is powered by the all-new 250-horsepower, 2.8L V-6 turbo engine and distinguished by its unique Electric Blue metallic paint finish

Can’t wait to see that one!!  I wonder how close it’ll be to my Lightning Blue??? 

No picutres yet, though whilst i was trolling around looking for them, I did come across this interesting piccy. 

I knew they were going to fit the Biopower setup to the 9-3 eventually.  I didn’t know they had one running around somewhere now, though it makes sense. 

If and when I can get my hands on the new Lightning Blue Convertible, you know I’ll be posting it here ASAP.

There’s no way it could look as good as my Viggen, is there?


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  1. Can’t wait to see this new blue. If it’s anything like the Viggen blue, it’ll be fantastic.

    Seems to me there have always been a few stand-out “signature” colors for Saabs – colors you just didn’t see on other cars, like the burnt orange that was on some of the NG900s, or the pale yellows of the earlier Saabs.

    They dropped the ball on the launch color for the 9-3 convertible a couple of years ago – that lime green they used in the ads just wasn’t appealing. Hopefully this will mark their redemption.

  2. Most disagree about the lime yellow color. It is so cool, I wouldn’t buy because I would get tired of it. But it fits nicely in comercials

    I think there are more pictures of the saab 9-3 biopower on http://www.isaab.net (swedish)

  3. Is there an address to tip you off about stuff? Can’t find it… 🙂

    Anyway… Good news from Europe as a whole. Registered vehicles in November was down 2.8% in November, but Saab was up 9.9%.

    For the whole year (Jan – Nov), the market is down 0.5%, GM is down 0.7%, and Saab is down 0.5%. Better than average, despite lack of models and bad press about engine trouble (January) and SDI trouble (September).

    Ford (all brands) is down 3.3%, Volvo is down 1.5%. Audi is down 3.3%, BMW up 9.5% and Mercedes is up 3.1%. I think these numbers are for the whole year, although the news item isn’t clear on that.

  4. THe pics of the 9-3ss 2.0t bipower were shown with the presentation of the 9-5 Biopower. They announced that are preparing a version of the L850 engine and also a version of the 2.3T Aero engine, that will have 260-300bhp.

  5. I’ve always liked the lime yellow color. I think it really appeals to the female customers too, and I think they have a big part in the decision-making process for convertibles.

    Can’t wait to see the blue, though. Should be sensational.

    ctm – you can email me at swade99@dodo.com.au

  6. I saw the “Electric Blue” convertible here in Trollhättan yesterday (or was it monday…) and it’s beautiful, in my humble opinion. My immediate thought was that I wanted one.
    I only got a glimpse of it for a couple of seconds but it was a brighter/lighter blue than the Viggen blue.

  7. A lighter color than the Viggen blue was about what I’d figured. Should look fantastic.

    Dr Apa, how did you run into it at Trollhattan? Were they driving it around there or were you at the factory?

  8. It was driving around just inside of the the “Technical gate” at “Tekniska” across the road from the factory.

    For you all to get an idea of the colour, my first thought was that it should be called “Sky Blue”, but I guess “Electrical Blue” sounds better(?).

  9. hmm electric blue…sounds like together in electric dreams ….or was that electric boogaloo or electric avenue…..something else from the eighties top ten?

    sorry to be off hand – its been a long day. Saw a nice …( insert favourite adjective) blue viggen coupe at the airport today. Noice. Had a fleeting moment of swade-envy there I must admit.

  10. These things are all fine and good, but they’re no classic 900 convertible. I’m starting to warm up to the idea of the 9-3 combisport. Let’s see… if I sell the c900, I’d be only $30,000 short. Maybe I could get a paper route…

  11. PT, I’m flattered. I thought you were strictly black-on-black. It’s very easy to get accustomed to the blue, I can assure you (easier to keep looking presentable too).

    Eggs, do the overseas pickup thing and you might only have to do that paper route for 19 years instead of 20!! Just a thought…

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