9-3 Recall Recall

This seems like fairly small potatoes, but it’s worth taking note of if you’re affected.

There was a recall in November 2004, which involved MY 2001 and MY 2002 9-3’s built at the Uusikaupunki plant in Finland.  The recall was due to some plastic fuel line retaining tabs that may have been damaged during the manufacturing process.  The potential danger was that the fuel lines would eventually loosen from the fuel pump and leak, posing a potential fire hazard.

Since this recall was carried out, there’s also been a small number of complaints from owners from the same generation of 9-3’s that were built at the Trollhattan plant.  So, the recall is being recalled to investigate whether it was wide enough.

The full story is here.

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  1. Hi Swade!

    As a regular Finnish reader of your great page I noticed a small typo in 9-3recall recall article. It’s Uusikaupunki not Uusipaupunki plant 🙂

    Also my 2000′ Viggen cab was built in there. In Finland there is a lot of snow now so it’s still many many months back to road again….

    Keep up good work!



  2. G’day Heikki and thanks for the heads-up. All fixed now.

    Is yours the Viggen ‘vert that’s worked to the eyeballs with the cool website? I’ve been meaning to do an article on that.

  3. Thanks Swade and a Happy New Year 2006!

    If you think that my lightning blue Viggen cabriolet with 18″ wheels could meet the needs I will send few pics to you as soon as you inform me where I can send them to. I would really like to share them with all Trollhattan readers.


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