9-5 at Autoweek

Given the controversy over the 9-5’s restyling, if someone said Saab we’d get a top-story on Autoweek’s website with a positive, future-looking (if slightly unexciting) review, I’d take it.

So, here it is: Autoweek on the Saab 9-5.  Click the link for the full writeup, but here’s the conclusion….

If all the changes don’t capture your attention, the 9-5’s lower base price of $34,100 might—that’s about $3,500 lower than a comparably equipped 2005 model. If the 9-5’s new price gets buyers en route to the Volvo, Audi or BMW dealership to take a detour to Saab, Saab can claim a small victory. And then in about four years when those same drivers are looking for something new, Saab will have addressed the 9-5’s biggest flaw, front-drive, with the introduction of all-wheel drive. That 9-5 will get V6 power, too.

For now Saab enthusiasts should be satisfied with what amounts to a faster, sharper, better-looking, and best of all more affordable 9-5. For the rest of us, all-wheel drive and V6 power can’t come soon enough.

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