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UPDATE: No $10K for me, but I’m still chuffed at the notion of being placed anywhere.  The Blog Competition Award Winners for Australia’s best blog have been announced and yours truly placed a creditable 6th, just behind Problogger in 5th.  The winner was Jodi Rose, the travelling bridge blogger/artist, who I’m going to check out now…..


A month or so ago, I saw a competition over at Problogger.  It was open to all Australian bloggers.  The company is called Smartyhost, an Aussie ISP and hosting company, and the competition was to find Australia’s best blog.

The competition isn’t finalised yet, but I can (with all humility) let you know that Trollhattan Saab is a finalist.  Yes, a humble little Saab blogger has cracked the top 11, from which the winner and 10 runners-up will be selected.

The Sydney Morning Herald published an article on the competition that you can read by clicking here.

This is all very unexpected and I’m chuffed at the notion.  I don’t think I’m much of a chance for top spot as the aforementioned Problogger is also a finalist and Darren has a very strong network of blogs.  I’m here doing this largely based on his advice and encouragement, so thanks Darren.  If there’s any other bloggers out there looking for advice on content management, advertising or any other aspect of blogging, then Problogger’s your best source of info out there.

The winner should be announced later today (December 5). I’ll keep you all posted.

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