Aero Microsite

Thanks to PT up in NSW for alerting me to the new 9-3 Aero microsite on the Saab Australia website. It’s a tasty offering and for all you Oz readers, or anyone else interested in the Aero range, it’s a good little distraction.

Can’t get a direct link, but if you go to Saab Australia, look for the “Highlights” tag in the lower section of the front page. What follows is a well constructed tour through the Aero and it’s various features. Geez, I’d love to add one of these to the garage….

Saab Aust 9-3 Aero microsite.jpg

As good as this little microsite may be, it’s a drop in the ocean compared to what Saab Oz need to do to win back Saab’s reputation here. There’s a rant brewing (eh PT?) over this. Coming soon.

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