Anyone wanna swap?

Sweden get to play England, Trinidad/Tobago and Paraguay in the 2006 World Cup.  Not only did the Aussies miss out on a chance to beat the Poms again (oh how sweet it would be just to have a go at them), we drew Croatia, Japan and Brazil!!! 

Whilst any group with Australia in it could hardly be called The Group of Death, for us Aussies it’s at least "The Group of Euthanasia"

The dream may be over before it even begins…..

(and speaking of deaths, RIP Richard Pryor, dead at 65)

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  1. Well, we drew Italy, Czech Republic and Ghana. All of them quite good. We are oh-for-five against the Italians and we were beaten in ’98 by Czechoslovakia. Ghana has some great potential to be a spoiler in this tournament. I don’t look for much in this World Cup from the USA. But, then again, soccer isn’t our thing, is it?

  2. I forgot to mention that we ARE in “death group” with Argentina, Netherlands and CΓ΄te d’Ivoire.
    And I have a typo in my previous comment πŸ™‚

  3. T, I’d like to see Australia in a group with New Zealand, Cote d’Ivoire and perhaps Equatorial Guinea. We might be a chance of progressing through – maybe.

    I don’t think many Aussies are really expecting much from the World Cup. We’re just happy to be there after the last 3 qualifying efforts. Our biggest wish was to get a chance at the beating the old rival – England.

    What typo?

    And when is Peja Stojakovic going to wake up and start shooting the basketball properly? Trading Chris Webber from the Kings was the worst thing management could do for Peja’s game. Damn shame.

  4. I don’t get the World Cup seeding system. Why don’t they seed the whole draw of 32? What’s the point of seeding only 8, and then screwing over some unlucky countries with random draws into Groups of Death?

    And why does Mexico get a seed, ahead of the US, when the US qualified ahead of Mexico and given the fact that the US has had a clear advantage in head to head competition against Mexico over the last five years or so?

    And then, what’s the point of pre-seeding the elimination rounds — for example, the second place finisher in the US group will face the first place finisher in the Brazil group (i.e., Brazil). So here is the US, in a Group of Death, facing an Elimination Bracket of Death.

    Argh. This makes the college football bowl selection system in the US seem rational.

  5. Greg, can’t say I understand it either. Soccer is very much the fourth-ranked football code here, despite what any Aussie soccer fans might try to tell you. We love to watch, but bogging our heads down in the machanics of a World Cup draw system is a bit much, for me anyway.

    We’ve even been practicing our riot technique in Sydney this weekend in preparation for the big tournament….

  6. Oh, and speaking as a Timberwolves fan, I was very happy that the Kings traded away Chris Webber. Given all the talent that Sacramento has had over the last five years, their results have been extraordinarily disappointing.

  7. Greg, I wonder how Spree’s going at the moment. Unemployed, a family to feed etc etc.

    C-Webb’s always been my favourite basketballer. So close, but yet so far on so many occasions.

  8. πŸ™‚
    about Peja I’m feeling the same but I will never forgive him for missing an open 3-pointer 2 sec befor the end of game 6 vs L.A.Lakers. I think that the guy has very soft hand but lacks the heart to be really great player. And my favorite is the guy who held SAC line of defence, Dough Christie. Now that guy has the heart to fight all the way.

    I think you have a very good footy team. In the FIFA Confederation Cup my impression was that you were the better party in most of your matches but you lacked a little bit of luck. So I think that your team could make some surprises in the World Cup.

  9. I just found out today that the Czech team is currently ranked 2nd in the world behind the Dutch. Tough draw, especially for the overall 8th team in the world. Why did Mexico get that 8th seed? Hmm… I’m starting to smell conspiracy.;-).

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