Auto Express Bungle

I actually received advance news that this was going to happen and just shrugged it off.  But the way Auto Express have treated this made me think "well, what the heck".

On November 21 I wrote a post here entitled "Mysterious Photo", with a picture of the proposed 9-3-based crossover vehicle that had been canned a few years ago.

Auto Express have now written an article in their latest edition, apparently in print and now appearing online too, where they publish the same photo and write the following:

Ready to roll – but on a road to nowhere. This is the Saab that never saw the light of day.

Auto Express can exclusively reveal the world’s only picture of the 9-3X, an SUV crossover model that would have seen Saab take on BMW’s X3 in the small 4×4 class.

My emphasis added.

Never mind the fact that most commenters on my post indicated that this was actually an old photo that they’d seen before.  Never mind the fact that it looks like a scanned photo from a magazine anyway (which is why I didn’t watermark it when I received it).

Hardly an exclusive, AE.  And let’s not even get into the ethical question of your timing and the lack of a source credit if one is due……

Thanks to Andy for the URL tip-off

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