Christmas Booty Call

A Merry Christmas to you all!!  Thanks to those that left some kind words in the post below.  It’s lunchtime here on Christmas Day and all is quiet.  The kids had breakfast here – crepes and berries – and have gone to their Dad’s for lunch before returning here for dinner (mmmmmm…turkey).

The Swade present list is short but O, so sweet:

1 x new pair of Ugg Boots (my old ones were 16 years old)

1 x Radiohead DVD – Live at the Astoria, London (yes!)

And the ultimate guy gift – a Triton workcentre!!! 

Please feel free to leave your presents of note in comments.  I hope the fat bloke in the red suit has been suitably accommodating.

Have a wonderful Christmas period and Trollhattan will be back to normal posting again soon. 

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  1. Steven, congrats! That’d make for a great Christmas I think. Line up a good photo for SOTW. Haven’t had a Combi in there yet. Will check out the video soon.

  2. Nice one Steve, it’s funny how a homemeade video gives you a better feel of the car than any multi dollar promo thingy. Nice to see you close up on the intercooler. That V6 is squeezed in tight. I want a go:>)

  3. Hey BP, not only are Blunnies Australian made, they’re from right here in Tasmania! About a 15 minute drive from my place (that’s providing they haven’t gone off-shore yet, like every other manufacturer).

  4. I never heard of Blunnies before last year when we got some in Toronto for my daughter. This year, picked up a pair of chunk soles which I wear religiously, and a few weeks ago got a pair of square toe for work (they slog well through the snow).

    I’m astonished that they’re so available in Toronto (Australian Boot Company), yet virtually unheard of this side of the border.

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