Christmas downtime – Open thread

I’m snowed under with pre-Christmas deadlines.  As news is fairly thin on the ground there won’t be much posting around here for the next few days.  If there’s anything of importance you can be sure I’ll get it up here, but right now the creative juices have been put to one side in order to make sure that I can take care of business here at TS Central.

I’d like to extend to everyone my wishes for a wonderful Christmas period and a fantastic, turbocharged 2006. 

It’s been a heck of a year for me personally and the creation and building of this website, the making of a few new friends through it, and the new knowledge that it’s brought to me has played a significant part in that.  My passion for the Saab brand has increased by several orders of magnitude through this project and it’s my hope that your interest has been enhanced as well.

Thanks to everyone that’s enjoyed the site during 2005.  Thanks especially to those of you that have contributed with your links, stories, opinions and photographs.  Information and interactivity are what blogs are all about and you’ve all helped to contribute to the growth of Trollhattan Saab.

If you’ve got anything Saaby at all on your mind, the comments section is open for you to post your thoughts at length.  I will be putting together a 2005 highlights post over the next few days so if you’ve got any Saab 2005 highlights of your own, that might be a starting point.  Any wishes for 2006 could be another.  New Year’s Resolutions (pffft) could be yet another.  In the words of Professor Quiggin, civil discussion please and no coarse language.  

If you have URL’s to post, be mindful that antispam protection allows only 1 URL per comment before I have to moderate.  If you have a URL in your signature and try to include one in your comment then it’ll go into the moderation queue, but I’ll clear it as soon as I can.

Again, a Merry Christmas from me and if you click on the following link, a Merry Christmas from Saab too! 

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  1. Happy holiday season to you Swade and your family. And thanks for the enjoyable commentary you’ve provided. But how can you be “snowed under” this time of year down under?

  2. Bastard got what he wanted for Christmas (the Vigg) seriously though ta for all the hard work this year, its been a blast jumping on every day and seeing whats shaking in Saab land.. many happy returns to the family, get fat eating bird on the 25th

    al 🙂

  3. Hello swade,
    many thanks for your steady efforts here in trollhattansaabnet. It was always interesting to read the news and comments by this paticipating special community filled with Saab enthusiasm. For my own pleasure I`ve well been informed of all Saab related matters in this way.
    I hope you will have the interest, time and opportunity to continue this personal coloured webblog.
    Merry Christmas and a hapy New Year 2006.

  4. Swade, Happy Holidays to you and your family. As others have said, it is a joy reading your site and it is nice to connect with other Saab people from around the world.

    The only downside is now I think everyone who drives a Saab is like us, which means I get weird looks when I wave at someone just because they are driving a Saab ;).

  5. Swade, on behalf of Saab Club of Western Canada (, we wish you and your family a most Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Kudos to you for creating a passionate and authoritative Saab site, keeping Saabers all over up-to-date on all things Saab.

    Happy and Safe Saabing,

  6. Hi, Swade.
    I just want to grab the opportunity to thank you again for your great effort with this site. should be THE PLACE for all SAABiacs out there, and I guess it is.

    From us up here in Norway: I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Live well!

    Kind regards

  7. Swade, I would like to join in and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    This blog of yours is something awesome. You made me come here absolutely every day in search for anything SAAB related and I can’t thank you enough for that.
    And about that Viggen of yours (you lucky bast.. 🙂 just kidding:), I wish you both many many many miles (or kilometars) of open road and joyfull ride.

  8. Hey everyone,

    Thanks very much for your warm wishes and again, I hop you all have a wonderful Christmas time. I’ll be celebrating with a beautiful fruity breakfast, a low key lunch and a huge turkey for dinner. I’ll then sleep for a day and then clean the car as Stu and I are heading out for a photo shoot in the Vig, along with Saab local, Drew in hi beautiful black c900. Should have something good.

    I hope you all have a very safe holiday period and a kickarse 2006. Thanks so much for your appreciation o th site, and for coming back and visiting every now and then. You guys are the best.

  9. Thanks for all the work this year swade. The site is a beauty that puts a lot of others to shame. Its a true conduit for a lot a sentiment and information that really needed a home. Thanks to you, saab has one. Thanks mate.

    Best wishes to you & your family for Christmas.

  10. Thank you Swade for TrollhattanSaab. It’s a daily stop for me. There are days and seemingly weeks that sometimes go by with little to no Saab related news and yet you always seem to find worthwile posts to share. Also thanks for your patience and understanding with the many posts that go uncommented on. Merry Christmas Saabies!

  11. A bit late but… I would like to wish the seasonal greetings to you and your family and all the best for 2006.

    And just before I go I would like to bring this to your attention

    As of 16-Dec-05 Saab are now offering
    9-3 SportConvertible 1.9TID
    in most european market areas.

    Auto-Bild Germany have slated 22-Mar-06 for the official Launch date.

    Prices are about 1,000euro above a 1.8t (2.0lpt)

    Regards WooDz

  12. Have a great New Years Day! Thanks for your blog. It is my main source for news and info on SAABs. Your efforts are much appreciated.

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